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UK Basketball Coach John Calipari on Maker’s Mark BottleUniversity of Kentucky Men’s Basketball Head Coach John Calipari will appear on a limited edition Maker’s Mark bottle expected to be available beginning April 2. Marker’s Mark, the University of Kentucky and Keeneland unveiled a limited-edition bottle of the world-famous bourbon this afternoon presenting the bottle as seen pictured to to left.

Marker’s Mark tells they plan to produce 24,000 bottles bearing Calipari’s face on the blue dipped bottle. They will likely sell for about $49 each, and Maker’s Mark will donate proceeds from the sales — estimated to be about $300,000 to an extension program that is bringing the UK Symphony Orchestra and students from the UK School of Music into public schools and communities throughout Kentucky.

Maker’s Mark President Bill Samuels Jr. tells, “John Calipari brings so much excitement to Kentucky and he deserves to be honored for the phenomenal results he achieved with the men’s basketball program in such a short period of time.”

In his first season at UK, Calipari has coached the Wildcats to their 2,000th win and their first No. 1 ranking since 2003.

Since 1997, Maker’s Mark has released a limited-edition bottle, with proceeds benefiting various UK projects. This will be 2010 edition of the Maker’s Mark “Most Beloved” series,

This is the second year that proceeds will support the UK Symphony Orchestra and the School of Music’s outreach program to visit third- and fourth-graders across the state.

John Calipari Maker's MarkMaker’s Mark made a three-year commitment to the music outreach program. If all the 2010 bottles sell, they will probably raise about $300,000, Bill Samuels Jr. tells He hopes to find matching grants that could raise $1.5 million to $2 million over the three years for the outreach program.

The Maker’s Mark funds will go to establish an endowment fund to guarantee the future of the program.

There is a bottle signing is scheduled for April 9, 2010,  the day of the Maker’s Mark Mile. It will be held trackside at Keeneland in Lexington, Kentucky with Calipari, Bill Samuels Jr. and Keeneland President and Chief Executive Nick Nicholson in attendance.


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18 Responses to “UK Basketball Coach John Calipari on Maker’s Mark Bottle”

  1. SullyUK

    I have known John calipari for 5 years BB Fan, and he has never once cheated. and your speculation to such insults a good friend of mine’s integrity and honor. so On behalf of my friend John C. and his team’s honor and integrity i hereby say go to hell, suck the devils d!$#, and burn and suffer in the deepest circle of the devils layground because your all talk and no hard evidence to back your [email protected] up.

  2. Felton Becks

    Hi, do you have a site feed I can add to my reader? I looked around but couldn’t find it, thanks a ton in advance.

  3. BILL tarter

    I’ve set here reading thease posts about coach cal.I watch basketball alot.we are uk/uof l. fans U OF L.thats KY.when lou.lost go cats.when cats lost.go butler.when duke won!good deal.they will play again!!!!.but my self I think it;s a little over board with cals face on a bottle i think they made them too soon!!!!!.i bet him and john wall got drunk as hell on the first bottle…what do you all think!!!GO BIG BLUE!!!!

  4. response to bbfan

    BB Fan, I don’t really like Calipari either, but I did google “John Calipari” cheat and then googled “Roy Williams” cheat, and there were 7000 more hits for Roy Williams. Not calling Roy Williams a cheater, but I just wanted to point out that your comment was really lazy. You should verify things before you post them.

  5. Calipari Cheats

    I am surprised Billy Gillespie and Eddie Sutton were not on the face of the Whisky Bottle.
    That would be more appropriate, with Calipari on the cap with World Wide Wes opening the bottle and opening the can of NCAA worms.


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