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Tim Smith, Moonshiner and star and lead character of Moonshiners, Discovery Channel TV Show

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Moonshiner Tim Smith interviewed by‘s Tom Fischer who takes us behind the scenes of the Discovery Channel show Moonshiners, listen this a podcast radio interview above.

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We bring you this first interview of it’s kind with Tim Smith the week of the premiere of Moonshiners, which had 1.73 million viewers for the first episode, 3.2 million viewers for the 2nd episode. Additionally, the 2nd run of the first episode this past week drew another 2.2 million viewers!

For those of you who have been asking, “Is this show real? Are they really moonshining on Moonshiners and why aren’t they getting arrested?” we have a bit more insight for you from this interview.

How do you make moonshine? Tim Smith Moonshiners

In this interview, Tim also discusses the history of moonshine, why it is becoming a lost art, and shares his wisdom and stories.

Other real life characters in this reality type show include ABC law enforcement agent Jesse Tate and Tim’s team of “Tickle” and his son J.T.

At, we are curious who YOU are rooting for and what do you think of the show? Post your reply in comments below.

Tim tells us he was working on the idea for this show for a long time. He also credits the birth of the show from others he met “at the right place at the right time.”

The last part of the inspiration for making this a show came when his father passed away. And around the same time moonshiners Barney Barnwell and Popcorn Sutton passed away.

Tim then believed this was his time to transition from being a moonshiner to legal moonshiners and distiller.

With this the new spotlight, and the goal of owning his own legal distillery and/or his own brand of moonshine, Tim invites you to visit his website .

We congratulate Tim, the complete cast, creators and producers on the success this new show. And Tim, we’ll look forward to tasting your moonshine!

In this interview, Tim Smith talks about his son J.T. and Tickle who also star on the show Moonshiners, Discovery Channel

In this interview, Tim Smith talks about his son J.T. and Tickle who also star on the show Moonshiners, Discovery Channel

Good guy or bad guy? You tell us. ABC Agent Jesse Tate is hunting the Moonshiners on the Discovery reality show Moonshiners

Good guy or bad guy? You tell us. ABC Agent Jesse Tate is hunting the Moonshiners on the Discovery reality show Moonshiners

Discovery Channel Tim Smith Star Character Moonshiners


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60 Responses to “Tim Smith from Moonshiners, Discovery Channel interviewed by”

  1. bill

    Lucky 7 – you could not be more wrong about everything you are saying. The show is real. You can only be convicted if you have the moonshine in your hands at the time of the police being there. If you make a show and then broadcast it you can not be prosecuted for it… Stop just telling lies and maybe read a book. People are so IGNORANT it makes me feel sad for America the way this country has gone down hill because of people LIKE YOU.

  2. Jason

    Just so you guys know. They have to have proof that the shine is actually being produced and sold. For all you know, it’s just water vapors running through the worm. So they showed them putting bananas in the pot. If you’re not there to taste and test it, then you really can’t be sure of what it is. It’s the same for law enforcement. If they don’t have samples and lab reports, the case would be pretty flimsy. The only way for the video to prove it was real alcohol would be to never pull away from the still. (continuous footage)

  3. sharon

    I hope you get legal, I am your number 1 fan. Love the show….I watch reruns after reruns. all day


  4. Chris

    Tim and Tickle are actors, they were on a show from 2002 about prohibition that also features Junior Johnson. It was just on H2, a history channel show affiliated with discovery networks

  5. Joe Blow

    Moonshiners: Job creators and small businessmen. I’m shocked Republicans are not clamoring for moonshine to be legalized.

  6. Mal

    Watch the first episode of moonshiners last night over here in the U.K what a load of rubbish could have been a very good show .the acting was bad and totally fake

  7. Dom

    Ended up here while researching whether the show is real as some other posts are…great stuff,put the Hard drive set to record it so I dont miss any.Building my own still at the moment and nursing a hangover from last nights commercial beer tasting session as well as my friends spirits he made on his own still..
    No issues with acting,just took it as this is what they do…brilliant.

  8. Mashtun

    This show is just plain sad. A lot of us out here in the real world that know the way things ought to be done know too this show is a farce. While some very basic facts in regards to the process may be correct there are as many or more that are either intentionally misleading or wrong out of simple ignorance. Either excuse costs this fake-tv program any shred of credibility and having people going online to defend it just makes it even more laughable. Give it up guys, youre an insult to those of us that know what we are doing.

  9. julie

    I cannot believe that these so called cops do not have anything better to but to sit on their fat asses and trap these poor moonshiners that do not have another way to support thier families.where are they when you are getting raped or beaten or robbed.they are shoving donuts d.own thier face.they should be looking for missing children and doing things that matter.leave those guys alone.there is probably a serial killer in the neighborhood but they are to busy trying to catch someone making liquer they don’t seeit.i have not been in trouble before and i don’t plan on it but if my children are starving to death i don’t know what i would do.they could use that time on catching real criminals.I just don’t understand.i am sure they say well it will kill some people but so do cigarettes.Iguess those will be illegal next.this police department of officers is a joke and a half.My brother was murdered in 2001 and the cops could not care less.what happened to america.we let a cop make life changing decisions for people after a 4 month course if that.a doctor has to go to school for ever and then he does residency for a few more years.this disturbes me so much.i am worried about our future because of this.well i am julie and my phone is 256 417-0898