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— A cozy, neighborhood spot —
Find us on the picturesque Ohio River, in the heart of Newburgh, Indiana.

— A home-style bakery with desserts baked from scratch —
Our sentimental favorites will recall another era, reminiscent of precious time spent with mom or grandma. No mixes, artificial preservatives, high-fructose corn syrup
or trans-fats in our kitchen. Just fresh, natural ingredients of the highest quality!

— A brown bag lunchery, too —
 A healthy alternative to fast-food meals, every bag is filled with a mouth-watering sandwich, an interesting side dish of choice and one of Cleo’s special cookies
— the only thing missing is Mom’s love note inside!

Come see us really soon!

This week at Cleo’s // 01.28.13

Hi Bakery Lovers!

Who says that January is a long month?  I can hardly believe that Friday will be February 1st already.

From the Lunch Menu:  This week’s specials include homemade turkey noodle soup.  We think we make the best broth ever, and as we all know, broth is the secret to great soup!

From the Bakery:  This week’s specials include a repeat from last week.  Our Cream of Coconut Cake went so fast that we promised several of you who got left out that we would bake it again this week.  So come on back and we will have it here for you!

Last Week’s Drawing:  Congratulations to Shirley White!  We look forward to seeing you again to accept your winnings.

Up and Coming:  This Saturday, February 2, we are a Chocolatier at A Chocolate Affair.  Doesn’t that sound decadent?  This is our first time to present at this prestigious and totally worthwhile charity event.  There may be tickets still available so visit the website at www.lampioncenter.com or call 812-471-1776 for information.

Looking Forward:  Starting next week, we will be offering our Valentine boxes of baked sweets filled with love.  Wonderful surprises of sweetness for you to take home to your loved ones.  I have taken a couple of orders for Red Velvet Cake already.  (Always a good choice for Valentine’s Day dinner, isn’t it?)  Cherry pie and cherry tarts are so pretty, too!

Have a great week, and remember, I’m here to bake you happy!


This week at Cleo’s // 01.21.13

Hello to all our dear, dear friends!

First the excuse.  I know.  I am a day late this week with the Newsletter.  But honestly, when it is this cold, I would much rather be in my nice warm kitchen baking tasty goodies than sitting at a cold computer.  OK, there I said it.

On the other hand, I do have lots of happy reasons to be writing to you.  Today was National Blonde Brownie Day, also known as the “Blondies.”  I had lots of fun serving up a variety of blonde brownies  including chocolate cranberry, cashew toffee and coconut pecan.  You know, I was surprised at how many of my customers had never even heard of a blonde brownie.  I felt like I was enlightening people all day.  Ha!

Tomorrow marks the third month anniversary of our opening.  Yes, Cleo’s has been meeting, greeting, seating, and feeding customers for three glorious months now.  We just love our spot and our little ”home” on the river.  We hear constantly that it is such a happy place to be.  We feel that way, too, and we love spending time with all of you here.  Please don’t let the cold weather keep you away.  We have lots of warm soup and hot coffee to help the chill disappear.  And nothing gets rid of the “drearies” (that’s what Dad called the winter blues) like homemade sweetness.

Thursday, January 24th, is a REALLY special day.  WHY?  Because it is Mom (Cleo)’s birthday.   Her favorite dessert was anything with coconut, so it has been a challenge for me to decide what I want to bake in her honor that day.  I have finally decided on Cream of Coconut Cake.  If you can possibly stop in, please come share a piece, or at least have something coconut for Cleo.  We know she will be smiling down from Heaven.  It is going to be a festive day for sure!

The winner of last week’s drawing was Brittney Coan.  Congratulations, Brittney.  We look forward to your next visit.

We are very excited to be participating as a Chocolatier in A Chocolate Affair charity event hosted by the Lampion Center on February 2, 2013. It is spectacular and so worthwhile.   For more information visit their website www.lampioncenter.com or call (812) 471-1776.

One of my favorite holidays is just around the corner, Valentine’s Day!  What day could be better than the 14th of February to surprise your sweetie with sweets?  Or maybe someone has been really good to you but you haven’t taken the time to say “thank you.”  This is the perfect opportunity.  I have lots of ideas for you such as mini chocolate mousse cheesecakes, red velvet cupcakes, heart shaped cookies, red lip cookies, chocolate covered cherry cookies, cherry pies and cherry tarts……  Plus, I have the perfect boxes that make gift giving so complete.

Cleo’s was featured in the Don’t Skip a Meal section of the Evansville Living Magazine this month.  How exciting for us!  If you haven’t seen it on the newsstands, check out the online version: http://www.evansvilleliving.com/articles/dont-skip-a-meal   I must say that the baked goods look a lot better than the baker, but I guess I can live with that.  Ha!  We were very happy for the attention.

That’s it for now.  Back to the kitchen I go so that I can continue to “bake you happy.”


This week at Cleo’s // 01.14.13

Hello friends of Cleo’s!

We had such a nice week last week.  We were thrilled with the number of you who tried (and loved!) our new salad and breakfast sandwich.  Thank you for the compliments.  They make us smile!

This week we are featuring a new salad that is so full of my favorites…..thin sliced pears, dried cranberries, toasted walnuts, red onions, gorgonzola crumbles and our very special house dressing.  And because I promised several of you, we will be offering Mom’s Dill Pickle Soup on the lunch menu again.  It is so good with those shredded dills, golden potatoes and creamy broth.  Mmmmm!

But let’s not forget that we are a BAKERY!  January was the month that Mom spent lots of time teaching us her baking secrets.  It was cold outside and she kept our little hands busy in the kitchen.  One of our favorites was Apple Crumb Dessert.  Mom had a process.  First we would spread out old newspapers on the kitchen table.  Then we would fill a pot with cold water.  The newspapers were to catch the apple peels and cores and the cold water was the keep the apples from turning.  The newspapers were great for wrapping up the scraps, but Mom decided that composting was an even better use of the leftovers.  We learned so much from her and her happy ways.

So, guess what we are baking this week?  Cleo’s Apple Crumb Dessert.  Buy it by the piece or order a whole one to share with your family.  It is one of those desserts that tastes good for breakfast, too.  I like mine warm.  And in the evening I’ve been known to add a scoop of ice cream to mine!

Don’t forget to enter the drawing this week.  Last week’s winner was Nieva Schapker.  If you mention the newsletter on your visit to Cleo’s this week, you can choose a cookie on the house.

Come see me soon, and remember, I’m here to “bake you happy.”


This week @ Cleo’s // 01.07.13

Hello Everyone & Happy 2013!

We hope that you had a wonderful holiday season with your family and friends.  It was really special for us to have our family together.  We treasure those moments!  And we didn’t even mind the surprise blizzard.

It seems that everyone we talk to is looking forward to a really great year.  I know we are.  In fact, we are just bursting with excitement here at Cleo’s.  Why?  Because we have some new menu items that we think you are going to love.

First of all, you just have to try our new breakfast sandwich.  It is made with Mom’s recipe (Cleo’s) for homemade biscuits, stacked with a farm fresh egg, ham and cheese.  And if that isn’t enough, it comes with a side order of roasted diced potatoes.  I promise you, these biscuits will make you so smile all day!

For lunch, we are introducing a new salad.  It is my sister Susie’s favorite.  She calls it her “formal affair” because of the bowtie pastas.  We make it fresh with lettuce, cherry tomatoes, green olives, olive oil, really good balsamic vinegar, just the right amount of garlic and parmesan cheese.  And if you know Susie, she thinks if she eats salad for lunch, she is entitled to dessert.  Hmmm.  Works for me!

Later on this week we will be making a big pot of chili, Indiana-style, nice and thick.  And if you are like my family, you chose the option of sprinkling some crispy tortilla strips and cheddar cheese on the top.  Doesn’t that sound delicious?

We have had a couple of winners from the weekly drawing to announce:

December 29th:  Karen A. Edwards

January 5th:  Susan Diaz

It is not too early to start thinking about Valentine’s Day or President’s Day.  We will be baking lots of items with cherries in the month of February, plus red velvet cakes, cupcakes, chocolate covered cherries and hearts galore.  We promise lots of “pretties” for your “sweeties.”

Come see us soon.  I am so ready to “bake you happy!”


This week at Cleo’s // 12.17.12


This is the last big week of Christmas shopping and if you are as organized as I am (ah-hem), perhaps you need some helpful hints.  How about a nicely packaged box of Christmas cookies?  All of my favorites are in the baker’s dozen:  chocolate green mint polka dots, peppermint spirals, eggnog stars dusted with powdered sugar, and raspberry almond shortbread.  If you have never tried cake truffles, you don’t know what you are missing.  Milk chocolate or white chocolate topped with coffee nibs (yum!), nuts or peppermint chips….so good!  They simply melt in your mouth, totally decadent!

And who could let the holidays pass without a traditional rum cake?  That just wouldn’t do at our house.  Soaked in rum for days, this cake just couldn’t get any more moist.  Why, I have seen the most talkative relative turn completely speechless while eating this cake.  Really!

This week’s winner of the free beverage and cookie drawing was Cindy Wheeler.  Congratulations, Cindy!  Come in any time to claim your goodies.  And the rest of you, keep trying.  There will be a drawing every week.

We will have special hours over the Christmas holidays next week.  We will be open on Sunday from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. so that you can stop in and pick up Christmas treats.  That will be your last chance before Christmas.  We will be closed the 24, 25, and 26 to spend time with our families.  It is such a special time of year and we know that you will be with those that you cherish, too

We are taking a break from our weekly newsletter for a couple of weeks, since the next two would fall on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.  So to give you a little teaser for early January, let me just say that we are introducing some new menu items in January.  One of them will be breakfast sandwiches.  (Not saying what kind.  You will have to be surprised!)  Another new item will be in the salad line…since we know there are always dieters in January, right?

I am constantly touched by the thoughtfulness of children.  The sweetest little girl came in with her mother this week.  She carefully chose six cookies.  I asked her if she was going to eat one a day or all at once.  She said, “Oh, they are not for me.  They are for my neighbor.”  Her mom explained to me that her neighbor’s husband passed away this summer and this would be her first Christmas alone.  Her daughter was feeling sad for her.  She thought maybe if she shared some cookies with her she would feel better.  Wow!  That is a real Christmas message!

Please enjoy your holidays, your families and your friends…………..and when you have time to stop in at Cleo’s, let me “bake you happy!”





This week at Cleo’s // 12.10.12

Hello everyone,

Isn’t it amazing how fast these weeks roll around, especially during the holiday season.  How’s your shopping coming along?  Don’t forget the teachers (I say as a retired teacher of 26 years). 

Speaking of gifts, are you looking for a thoughtful $10-15 gift for colleagues or clients?  How about your Secret Santa, your boss, your son’s Scout Leader or perhaps just someone that you want to know how much you care about them?  Come see what Cleo’s has to offer or check out What’s New on our website for an order form.  We think that you would make lots of people happy with a gift package of cake truffles or a gift box of very special cookies.  We have a number of items for you to choose from.  When in doubt, a gift card is always appreciated.

We had something very touching happen this week.  The sweetest little boy came in for lunch with his Grandma.  It was his 8th birthday and his Grandma told him she would take him wherever he wanted to go for his lunch.  Well, he chose Cleo’s.  That was a really special moment for me!

We are starting something new this week, a Weekly Drawing.  Bring in your business card or fill out a slip of paper with your name and contact information and drop it in the jar.  On Saturday of each week, we will draw out a name (you need not be present to win) and announce it on Monday.  The lucky winner gets to choose a free beverage and cookie of choice.  We will post the name of the happy diner at the bakery and in our newsletter.

There have been some pretty rainy, chilly days lately….and more to come.  It is Indiana, after all!  Why not stop in for some hot soup?  In addition to our daily soups, our soup of the day is always a delicious choice.  What is your favorite?  Country Potato, Vegetarian Vegetable, Dill Pickle (you gotta love it!), Smoked Gouda Mushroom, Cream of Poblano, Chicken Vegetable, Tortilla?

The desserts that have tempted our visitors the most this week have been the Caramel Nut Tarts, Christmas Rum Cake, and Chocolate Trifle.  Makes me drool just writing about it.  (I took a Christmas Rum Cake to a progressive dinner with friends the other night, and I was very popular!)

And don’t forget……I’m here to bake you happy!


This week at Cleo’s // 12.03.12

Hello Everyone!

What a whirlwind week-end we had here in downtown Newburgh.  The costumes were incredible, really made us feel like we had stepped back in time.  Our complements to everyone who made it so special.  We really loved the tree lighting ceremony and the choir set the mood beautifully.  And a big congrats to Gary Hopwood who won the Cleo’s wreath.  Hope you enjoy it, Gary!

I baked all week-end trying to keep the case full and inviting.  But as many of you know, if you came in at the end of the day, your choices were pretty limited, especially in the cookie department.  Thanks to all of you for coming to see us at Cleo’s during this wonderful celebration.

The orders are coming in for our Christmas goodies.  Our gift packages run from $9.95 to $15.95 and make really nice surprises for lots of people on your list.  (Great hostess gift, too!)  Nothing says you care like a treat made from scratch with all the goodness of home.

Besides our gift packages, we are also offering seasonal favorite flavors in our coffee cakes, tea breads, bundts, layer cakes and cheesecakes.  You know, like eggnog, peppermint, cranberry, gingerbread and more.  Yum!   Stop by to pick up your order form or just check out What’s New on our website for your very own copy.

Have you ever had Sticky Toffee Pudding Cake?  It is a British Yuletide tradition that is sure to win you over.  We are offering it through the holidays only.  Let me know if you would like to have one ready for your festivities.

Stop in for lunch.  Our Signature Sandwiches and soups seem to hit the spot for lots of people.  And don’t forget, we have hot chocolate during the month of December!

Come see us.  You know I am here to bake you happy! 


This week at Cleo’s // 11.26.12

Hello Everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  There were twenty-three happy souls at our house.  As you might imagine, we all enjoyed plenty of Cleo’s pies, cheesecake and persimmon pudding.  And we felt great about being present on so many of your holiday tables, almost like being there with you!

Now it is time to turn our attention to Christmas, with our sparkling garlands and Santa Tree in place at Cleo’s.  We are so excited about the goodies we will be packaging as gifts:  special cookie varieties, cake truffles (to die for!), pistachio cranberry bark, and more.  Plan to order ahead so you don’t get left out.  We will also have gift cards available.  If you are hosting any holiday parties, think of Cleo’s for your desserts.  Our seasonal  Eggnog Cheesecake is sure to please everyone!

Some of you have been asking for hot chocolate and we promised that we would have it during the month of December.  We make our own, served plain or with homemade whipped cream.  I think you’ll like it!  It would be so good with a Christmas Tree Macaroon.  (Have you seen them in the case?  Adorable!)

This coming week-end is a very special time in downtown Historic Newburgh when we have an opportunity to step back to the 1800’s.  We have been promised street musicians, carolers and people from Christmases past.  Because it sounds like such a great time, we are going to be open on both Saturday the 1st from 9 – 6 and Sunday the 2nd from 12 – 4 to join in the celebration.  You will want to participate in the Elf on the Shelf Scavenger Hunt.  Be sure to stop in at Cleo’s to search for the Elf that will be hiding in the bakery.  HINT:  Look under the powdered sugar….ha!

Now for the update on last week’s favorites:  the favorite sandwich last week was the Spirit of the Ohio, pork loin marinated and roasted right at Cleo’s, served with Provolone Cheese and homemade scallion mayonnaise on marbled rye.  With the soups, it was a tie between the Smoked Gouda Mushroom and the Cream of Poblano.  Top selling cookie again last week was the Dump Truck.  (Some of you are getting very good at guessing the ingredients!) 

Back to my kitchen I go…..so I can continue to “bake you happy!”


This week at Cleo’s // 11.19.12

Hi everyone,

A couple of important reminders:

  • Don’t forget to pick up your orders by 3 p.m. on Wednesday.
  • We will be closed on Thursday and Friday of this week so that we can spend time with our families.

But, we will be back open at 9 a.m. on Saturday with all your Saturday favorites. 

This Saturday has special meaning for us.  It is the day that shoppers all over the country are encouraged to shop local small businesses.  (That’s us!)  The big retailers have Black Friday and the online retailers have Cyber Monday.  And, for the past three years, small business owners have their kickoff to the holiday shopping season during that same busy weekend with Small Business Saturday.  Such a cool way to help support your small local businesses.  We hope to see you!

Some of you have asked about Gift Cards.  They are on order and should arrive any day now.  We are so happy that you think Cleo’s would make a nice gift. 

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families.  We hope this year is the most special ever!

I am so thankful that you allow me to “bake you happy.”


This week at Cleo’s // 11.12.12

Newburgh, Indiana has a wonderful tradition known as the “Hanging of the Wreaths.”  This celebration marks the official decorating of the downtown for the holidays.  Shopkeepers who want to participate present their wreaths and have them blessed.  They then display their decorated wreaths in their places of business.  From now until December 2nd, customers visit the shops and enter their names.  At the official town tree lighting festivity on December 2nd, winners will be announced and wreaths will be presented to the winners.

It is our first year as a business and we are really excited to take part in this activity.  I decorated our wreath to remind everyone that we are a bakery.  (As though you didn’t know.  Ha!)  Notice the wooden spoons, cinnamon sticks, cookie cutters, gingerbread cookies, etc.  We hope you like it, and will stop in to enter the drawing.

We are thrilled with all our Thanksgiving orders.  If you haven’t taken that step yet, you still have until this Saturday to do so.  Check out “What’s New” on our website to remind yourself of the bakery goods and prices.

And speaking of Thanksgiving, we will be CLOSED on Thanksgiving Day and the day after so that we can spend time with our families.  Isn’t it just the best holiday?!

In the meantime, it is going to be cooler this week so why not stop in for a bowl of our homemade soup?  You can check out our wreath at the same time!  Who knows?  Maybe it will be hanging in your home for the holidays.

Come see me so I can bake you happy!