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Members of the Kentucky Legislature are trying to quickly push through a bill to significantly raise taxes on alcohol in Kentucky. Listen to’s audio podcast interview below as President of the Kentucky Distillers’ Association Eric Gregory explains how damaging this could be to the bourbon industry AND why your urgent action is needed by calling 800-372-7181 and tell them vote NO ALCOHOL TAX. You can also make contact with other politicians listed below the podcast. We have respectfully called all of them explaining that we are listing contact info on this site and everyone has been open to our comments.

Your legislator toll free, (800) 372-7181
(The operator will find your legislator’s name by zip code)
The Governor’s Office, (502) 564-2611
Rep. Rick Nelson, (502) 564-8100, ext. 612 (Sponsor of House Bill 166 – the alcohol tax)
House Speaker Greg Stumbo, (502) 564-2363
House Speaker Pro Tem Larry Clark, (502) 564-7520
Senate President David Williams, (502) 564-3120
Senate Majority Leader Dan Kelly, (502) 564-2450


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If you don’t know your legislator, search by county at


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