As the winter months continue, brings you some sweet Maker’s Mark recipes below for the holidays that will give you that Christmas feeling all year long. What is YOUR favorite way to drink and/or use Maker’s Mark in recipes during the holidays? Tell us below on this link. Recently, Maker’s Mark had their annual Candlelight Tours… Read more »

Wild Turkey Bourbon’s Holiday Recipes

Wild Turkey Bourbon Whiskey is a great on the table to serve at your holiday meals including Christmas, Thanksgiving and all other winter celebrations! It also is mighty tasty when you add into popular dishes like Chocolate Pecan Pie and even the Turkey feast itself! Here are few recipes recommends using Wild Turkey Bourbon! For more… Read more »

Maker’s Mark Bourbon Ice Cream, BBQ Ribs and more !

No say it isn’t so, Summer 20012 ain’t gone yet, is it? and Maker’s Mark give you another chance to revisit summer Fridays, long days and hot weather are nearly over with some bourbon-based recipes for Labor Day! Celebrate the American work force today with American Classic!              … Read more »

Michter’s Whiskey Winter Cooking

Banish winter’s chill by pouring historic Michter’s whiskey, the spirit that warmed General Washington’s troops at Valley Forge during the American Revolution. Michter’s Bourbon, Rye, or American Whiskey has relieved some chilled bones here at and a meal prepared with Michter’s may give you some extra warmth and comfort. US*1 Bourbon balls, glaze a… Read more »

Grilled Pineapple with Cinnamon Maker’s Mark Bourbon Glaze

Our Friends at tell that this Grilled Pineapple with Cinnamon Bourbon Glaze is a finger-licking addictive glaze, spiked with brown sugar and an olive oil-butter combo with bourbon, cinnamon, cloves and cayenne for a spicy, smoky flavor. They also tell us that now that apples are in season for the Fall, it is… Read more »

Bourbon Bacon Brownies

Sometimes at, recipe creations catch our eyes, tastebuds and hearts simultaneously. Made with dark chocolate, crumbled bacon and a splash of bourbon, these Bourbon Bacon Brownies mean business. They render such a strong medley of flavors in your mouth, you’ll wonder if you’re eating a brownie, a handful of bacon or a shot of… Read more »

Maker’s Mark Bourbon Chocolate Bread Pudding for Your Valentine

Bill Samuels, Jr. of Maker’s Mark Bourbon says that while he knows we are all trying to stick to those New Year’s resolutions, he still wanted to share with this recipe for Bourbon Chocolate Bread pudding for Valentine’s Day. Bourbon Chocolate Bread Pudding 2 cups whole milk 4 eggs 1/3 cup Maker’s Mark Bourbon… Read more »

Campari-Macerated Treefruits and Berries with Yoghurt

I’ve done this recipe, by request, a couple times since that evening. For many a heavy confection-laden dessert is not what they have in mind. Just some berries in a glass will do well, thank you. Pair that with a nice porto and the diners and I are happy children. Combine diced treefruits such as… Read more »

Kentucky Native Bun Cake with Maker’s Mark

Sandra Davis, author of That Special Touch, the official Maker’s Mark cookbook, just shared this Maker’s Mark dessert recipe for Kentucky Native Bun Cake with! Kentucky Native Bun Cake 1 (18.25-oz) package yellow cake mix with pudding 4 eggs 2/3 C vegetable oil 1/3 C water 1 (8-oz) carton sour cream 1/2 C firmly… Read more »

Maker’s Mark Hot Fruit Salad

Sandra Davis, author of That Special Touch, the official Maker’s Mark cookbook, just shared this Maker’s Mark dessert recipe with! Medium can sliced pineapple Medium can peach halves Medium can apple rings Medium can pear halves Medium can apple halves Sauce: 2 Tbs flour 1/2 C brown sugar 1 stick butter 1/2 C Maker’s… Read more »