There are a couple reasons why continues to cover moonshine stories. First: The moonshine we like to talk about and drink is a real clear whiskey with a grain base. After some time in a barrel, much of the good stuff would make fine whiskey. Second: Growing popularity among consumers and number of moonshines… Read more »

St. Elmo’s Fire Review

As cinnamon flavored whiskies and themed spirits saturate the market, it takes a lot to catch the attention of our taste buds us at MB Roland introduces St. Elmo’s Fire at 100 proof and we’ve been given the exclusive opportunity to review it first on After tasting this, our taste buds are standing at burning attention. Savory heat means… Read more »

Broken Shed Vodka Review

New vodka brands are released so often that the point of distinguishing the difference would be what? Broken Shed is a vodka that makes a point. Broken Shed is made in New Zealand from whey, a natural byproduct of milk. The result? Smooth, well-balanced and creamy. This vodka is free of aditives, sugars and gluten. The distinctly pure approach… Read more »

Guinness Generous Ale Review

The original Guinness can be known to make any day feel like Christmas, right? This season, Guinness had released a new “Holiday Ale” which delivers an approachable balance of warmth and sweetness. Guinness tells they have embraced a rich heritage and the philosophy of their founder, Arthur Guinness, with the release of this new holiday… Read more »

Oak Rum Bourbon Barrel Aged by Barrel House Distilling

Barrel House Distilling is a American craft distiller based in Lexington, Kentucky. They are producing the only Rum that knows of in Kentucky. To make it a truly a “Kentucky Rum,”  they age it in a used bourbon barrel. Of course, other rums have been aged in used Bourbon barrels before, but apparently not in Kentucky…. Read more »

Crown Royal Maple Finished Review

While we don’t recommend pouring flavors into whiskies or Bourbons at, we recognize the flavored whisky category is rapidly growing. Canada’s national tree is the Maple Tree. Can it get more Canadian than Crown Royal? Put them together, they couldn’t have done much better with this first flavored expression of Crown Royal available for $24.99 per… Read more »

Southern Comfort Bold Black Cherry Review

The cherry flavor has made it’s way traveling through the veins of many whiskeys and bourbons where it didn’t always belong. More often that not flavored whiskeys don’t typically appeal to us at . We review them for what they are as they stand alone AND what they can bring to cocktails. Now, here enters… Read more »

The Glenrothes 1988 Review

× While there has been an expression of The Glenrothes 1988 previously released in markets outside of the U.S.A., our review on will be mark first American review of The Glenrothes 1988 as it is presented here. The 1988 is set to be available with the United States very soon. Tom Fisccher brings his taking notes… Read more »

Crown Royal XR LaSalle Review reviews Crown Royal’s second release in the brand’s Extra Rare Whisky Series. This Crown Royal XR blend includes select remaining whiskies from the renowned LaSalle Distillery in Quebec, Canada. Overall, this release tastes slightly closer to a smooth, young Kentucky Bourbon than it does to a Canadian Whiskey on the pendulum that swings between Canadian Whisky and Kentucky Bourbon… Read more »

Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum Review

Captain Morgan’s new Black Spiced Rum brings sexy marketing complete with mysterious new bottle,  label and commercial which we’ve included below. All that fun aside, what does it taste like once you “Step into the black?” brings you our review of the new Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum. This is a Caribbean Blackstrap rum with select… Read more »