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St Elmos Fire Liquor As cinnamon flavored whiskies and themed spirits saturate the market, it takes a lot to catch the attention of our taste buds us at

MB Roland introduces St. Elmo’s Fire at 100 proof and we’ve been given the exclusive opportunity to review it first on

After tasting this, our taste buds are standing at burning attention.

Savory heat means luscious sweet in a well balanced blend of  MB Roland’s True Kentucky Shine with cinnamon, cayenne pepper, cane sugar.

While it may appear that the spirit was named after  famous 1985  film (starring Emilio Estevez  who we recently interviewed on, MB Roland Distillery tells us there was another reason for this name.

The name of the spirit celebrates the little community that MB Roland is situated in called St. Elmo, Kentucky.

St. Elmo’s Fire offers mixologists and bartenders endless possibilities to use as a base for a cocktail or to enhance new and tradition creations.

The taste makes it obvious MB Roland has not only used the finest ingredients, but they’ve also given though to the flavor in a smarter way than do many distillers who make add flavor.

For several years MB Roland has been churning out innovative offerings like their Black Dog Kentucky Corn Whiskey – made by smoking grain in a a real tobacco house making it the “Laphroaig of Moonshine.”

Not long ago, interviewed MB Roland Master Distiller and founder Paul Tomaszewski on this link: MB Roland.

St. Elmo’s Fire Review

NOSE : The nose allures with a balance of slightly sweetened Mexican and a touch of Thai promising sugar and spice.

TASTE: Enters with a rich mouthful of spice which are both refreshing and awakening.

MB Roland St. Elmo's Fire

The rich ingredients are boldly layered, but not so intense they can’t be dissected and it enjoyed.

The peppers burn only for a moment and make it a flavor journey.

With all depth of flavor, the moonshine is nearly nonexistent. However, there is no doubt that the moonshine severs as a good backbone for proof and warmth being delivered in the full experience.


Rich, the sting becomes a cozy warm, and addicting.


St Elmos Fire Movie Poster


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