Christmas Bourbon Punch and Holiday Cocktails With Basil Hayden’s

Make some Bourbon Christmas Punch and gather your friends because you will be using a whole bottle in this recipe.

BOOrbon Milkshake from Caulfield’s Beverly Hills

We head to Beverly Hills, CA and find a Bourbon milkshake with a silly spooky name, yet a serious taste from Caulfields Beverly Hills.

Rum Old Fashioned

A single barrel rum replaces the whiskey for National Rum Day.

The Riley B. – In Honor of B.B. King

A new cocktail creation to honor the life of B.B. King makes its appearance on

Leonard Nimoy Tribute Cocktail

As Leonard Nimoy passes at the age of 83 today, we bring you cocktail toast to his life

Capitol Cocktails for the Bourbon Summit

What will Obama and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell drink for the “Bourbon Summit?” suggests a few of our own politically themed whiskey and Bourbon cocktails along with a list of Bourbons which might be appropriate for this Bourbon Summit. (Add to our list with YOUR suggestions under comments here). For these cocktails, we’re using Filibuster… Read more »

World Cup Final Game Cocktail

New cocktail to celebrate the final game of FIFA World Cup Championship of Argentina vs. Germany.

4 Independence Cocktails for the 4th of July

Four new cocktails for the 4th of July.

Bourbon Meister

Jägermeister and Bourbon combined to create a new cocktail