Virtual Bourbon Tastings

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About your host 

Elevate your next company online meeting or In-person event with a Bourbon and whiskey tasting!

Tom Fischer, a top whiskey expert and spirits journalist, is the founder of He curates and hosts Bourbon, whiskey, and spirits tastings both virtually and in-person.

As a leading authority, presenter, and writer in the spirits industry, Fischer is regularly interviewed by international media outlets.


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How it works

Organizing and Curating: We will help you select the unique whiskeys and arrange delivery of the spirits/whiskey to your guests and participants via third parties that we work and partner with. The whiskeys can be full bottles to sample size (50 ml).

Tom Fischer will appear on camera giving an engaging presentation. With powerful storytelling, he will demonstrate how to nose, taste, and review a whiskey and spirit. Personalized tasting notes will be distributed to guests along with Q & A opportunities.

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In-Person Appearances (Limited based on COVID-19 restrictions)

Similar to the virtual whiskey tasting events but with a hands-on appearance coordinating with venues, chefs, and all advance assistance in planning that you need.

Additionally, we can help you select the right venue for your budget. If you all have other elements in mind for the event, we can tailor this.


E-mail us at [email protected] or
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Learn more about bourbon expert Tom Fischer.

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