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Crown Royal Maple FinishedWhile we don’t recommend pouring flavors into whiskies or Bourbons at, we recognize the flavored whisky category is rapidly growing.

Canada’s national tree is the Maple Tree. Can it get more Canadian than Crown Royal?

Put them together, they couldn’t have done much better with this first flavored expression of Crown Royal available for $24.99 per 750 ml bottle.

It is sweet, no doubt it is supposed to be. However, unlike some flavored Bourbons and whiskies, the maple flavor expression tastes real.

It is a well thought flavor, much like Jack Daniels Honey.

Rather than going into too many details about nose, taste flavor, we’ll break it down real easy, let the maple flow…

Nose– Maple Syrup

Taste Real maple flavor against warmth of the Crown Royal signature flavors of vanilla, oak and caramel

Finish – The whiskey comes through more at the end.

If we were designing a maple flavored whisky, we’d tone it down a touch on the sweetness just a touch.

However, as is, it will work wonders in many cocktails. We’ve heard one recipe of adding a touch to the traditional Old Fashioned.

If you’re experimental and not opposed to the idea, gather some friends around the table, fry up some Canadian bacon, and break this out!

Crown Royal tells that fully aged Crown Royal is has a touch of natural maple flavor added achieved through a proprietary maple toasted oak finishing process for added smoothness.

Yes, it comes with that iconic bag (in brown this time). You could always keep your pancake mix in it, right?

We’d love to hear what YOU think of this whisky, tell us below under comments!

Crown Royal Maple Whisky


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2 Responses to “Crown Royal Maple Finished Review”

  1. Mary Jordan

    What is the sugar content of Crown Royal Maple?
    How many grams of sugur per oz.

  2. Garret

    I enjoyed this, with a splash of water it became more balanced, the maple became the backround flavour while the caramel,vanilla and oak didn’t go exactly to the fore it was still delicous