Whiskey: McKenzie Rye Whiskey Distillery: Finger Lakes Distilling, Burdett NY Age: 1 year Proof: 91; 45.5% ABV Notes: This bottle is marked batch # 09-01. McKenzie made from NYS grain and distilled using old-time techniques aged in new charred quarter casks and finished in sherry barrels from local wineries. Nose: Maple, butterscotch and some oak…. Read more »

Perkulator Coffee Dopplebock by Dark Horse Brewing Company Review

Some coffee beers we review at BourbonBlog.com seem more often than not disappointing. Questions we ask are, “Is there too much or too little coffee?” , “Is it real coffee in this brew?”  Dark Horse Brewing Company’s is 7.5% ABV, but the sweetness seems to hide the alcohol. Color pours a cloudy deep dark brown,… Read more »

Rogue Dead Guy Ale Review

To be called dead, this Dead Guy Ale is alive with hops, bread and slight herbal-like citrus on the nose. Flavor is a honey and mild notes of buttery biscuit. There is a well balanced hoppiness and malty sweetness in the taste. Has some elements of a nice IPA. Finish is sweet. Overall the Rogue Dead Guy… Read more »

Founders Backwoods Bastard Beer Review Video

Founders Backwoods Bastard Scotch Ale (10.2% ABV) has been aged in used Bourbon barrels, and at BourbonBlog.com we can taste it as we review it in this video linked here and below. The nose reminds us of sticking our own in a Bourbon barrel, with a sticky caramel and brown sugar aroma. A chewy moutfeel, the taste is… Read more »

Beer Reviews with High Alcohol Percentage

In this beer review video episode..the beers that have the highest alcohol percentage in Liquor Locker to drown sorrows in if you are sad that the Colts lost the Superbowl. To make up for this bit of mischief, we did this post in celebration of New Orleans and Mardi Gras. BEER REVIEW NOTES Thomas Hardy’s… Read more »

Locked in a Freezer Reviewing Beers

I’m locked in a freezer reviewing more beers that are perfect for winter!  Beer reviews of Sierra Nevada 2009 Harvest Wet Hop Ale, Dogfish Head Craft Brewery’s Theobroma, Rogue American Amber Ale, and St. Bernardus Tripel Belgian Abbey Ale in the video below. Watch the first two episodes of  the Beer Guy below Episode 1… Read more »

Winter Beer Reviews and the Invention of ReinBEER Antlers

More winter beer reviews from BourbonBlog.com’s Tom Fischer. Yes, we know a thing or two about beer as well as bourbon. Left Hand Brewing Company’s Widdershins Barleywine-Style Ale, Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ale’s Noel de Calabaza, and Breckenridge Brewery’s Christmas Ale reviewed in video below where we also invent ReinBEER Antlers.

Christmas Beer Reviews

I just started a new show of premium beer reviews. Don’t worry, we’re still on bourbon here.  This first episode below is just in time for the holiday seasonal beers where I review by England’s Ridgeway Brewing that all have Christmas themes including Santa’s Butt, Bad Elf, Reindeer’s Revolt and Lump of Coal. Watch the… Read more »

25 year-old Rittenhouse Very Rare Single Barrel Rye Review by Mike Veach

Whiskey: Rittenhouse Very Rare Single Barrel Rye Distillery: Heaven Hill Age: 25 Years Old Proof: 100 Bottle: Sample sent from the distillery, open for 4 days. Notes: The sample is actually short of the 25 years since the whiskey was barreled on 11 October 1984 and this was bottled on 7 August 2009.This was bottled… Read more »