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Broken Shed VodkaNew vodka brands are released so often that the point of distinguishing the difference would be what?

Broken Shed is a vodka that makes a point.

Broken Shed is made in New Zealand from whey, a natural byproduct of milk.

The result? Smooth, well-balanced and creamy. This vodka is free of aditives, sugars and gluten.

The distinctly pure approach comes through on the flavor.

The taste impresses us neat and also in a cocktail. The brand creators recommend their vodka the Negroski.

We’re not jumping to the “clear side” of the liquor aisle all the time at

However, when we’re looking for a premium flavor for a value of around $30, this will be an option we’ll remember.

Broken Shed just hit the market in June 2012 can currently be purchased  in New York, Connecticut and from select online retailers.

Broken Shed was created by two Connecticut expats who were spending some time in a real broken shed in New Zealand and had the idea to make the vodka they now distill there.

They tell us they sometimes return that broken shed to have a few drinks. Here’s a photo of it below along with our review…

Bachelor Pad



Broken Shed Vodka Bottle

Broken Shed Vodka Review


Spirit:  Broken Shed Vodka

Distillery: Broken Shed Limited , Wanaka, New Zealand

Alcohol:  80 proof, 40 % ABV

Nose: Bright. somewhat tropical with touch of coconut

Taste: Refined,  silky mouthfeel.

Doesn’t shock with bite and heat, but instead warms with softness.

Finish:  Light, milky, hint of butter.





Wanaka, New Zealand

Wanaka, New Zealand

Broken Shed

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