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Guinness Generous Ale

The original Guinness can be known to make any day feel like Christmas, right?

This season, Guinness had released a new “Holiday Ale” which delivers an approachable balance of warmth and sweetness.

Guinness tells they have embraced a rich heritage and the philosophy of their founder, Arthur Guinness, with the release of this new holiday beer.

Inspired by Arthur Guinness’ passion for full-flavored beers and his philanthropic legacy, Guinness  Generous Ale also coincides with the of  launch

This website demonstrates the brand’s commitment to social benevolence, encouraging its fans to commit acts of generosity in the “Generous Hour” program.

Guinness Generous Ale is now available nationwide in 11.2oz bottles (5.6% ABV) as part of the Guinness Winter Selection Variety Pack, a winter mix that includes Guinness Draught, Guinness Foreign Extra Stout, Guinness Black Lager and Guinness Generous Ale, (12 bottles total , 3 of each bottling, retail price of $15.99)

Guinness Generous Ale Review


Beer: Guinness Generous Ale

Brewey: St. James’s Gate, Brewery Dublin, Ireland

Color:  Chocolate tan

Alcohol:  5.6% ABV

Nose:  Sweet rich malts, lemon peel,and baked bread

Taste:  Enters with brown sugar, light chocolate and goes to mild roasted coffee notes.

The warming yet light, crispy nature of this holiday ale makes it approachable for a variety of beer lovers.

It is sessionable and versatile to drink on its own or with a holiday meal.

Finish: Somewhat creamy, and a blend of roasty and refreshing.

Guinness Winter selection

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Guinness Ad Holidays

Guinness Christmas Ad

Guinness Christmas Ad

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Arthur Guinness, Founder of Guinness Brewery

Arthur Guinness, Founder of Guinness Brewery


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