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Ole Smoky Moonshine Original Moonshine

Ole Smoky Moonshine Original Moonshine

There are a couple reasons why continues to cover moonshine stories.

First: The moonshine we like to talk about and drink is a real clear whiskey with a grain base. After some time in a barrel, much of the good stuff would make fine whiskey.

Second: Growing popularity among consumers and number of moonshines entering the market.

Not only has this been evidenced by the Moonshiner’s TV show, it also has been clear with the growth of moonshine in the American craft distilling revolution.

Third: We enjoy drinking it.

We’re talking about legal moonshine here. The word “moonshine” often conjures up thoughts of illicit behavior and practices in many minds.

That brings us to a success story of Ole Smoky Distillery, Gatlinburg Tennessee. We are are reviewing their Original Moonshine below.

In June of 2010, Ole Smoky Distillery began running shine from their still.

As this is the 1st legal distillery in Tennessee that focuses on moonshine, founder Joe Baker has a rich heritage of his family moonshining that goes back a few generations.

Every ingredient that goes into their moonshine is sourced locally. The hickory cane corn is grown in Jefferson County.

We’re told this one was the only corn grown in the area a hundred years ago which gives even more authenticity to the flavor and story of this moonshine.

The distillery  expects to sell 250,000 cases of all their moonshine  – both flavored and clear – (3 million jars) in 2013!

And after tasting it, we know why..our review below.

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Ole Smoky Distillery, Gatlinburg, TN


Ole Smoky Original Moonshine Review

Ole Smoky Original Moonshine, from Ole Smoky Distillery, Gatlinburg Tennessee.

Color:  Clear

Proof: 50% ABV , 100 Proof

Nose:: Buttery smoke. Warm and enticing, but not fiery. Sweetness of corn comes with tiny hints of baking spices, perhaps some nutmeg.

Taste: Enters with hominy and buttered popcorn. The sweet corn is well-rounded with a natural sugar flavor that gives it both a savory and sweet flavor combined.

There is a crisp freshness to it unlike many unaged corn whiskeys on the market that are too aggressive with raw and unbalanced profiles.

Smokey notes towards mid-palette, with a surprising number of layers to dissect in this shine.

We get something new every time we’re drinking it. The distillery folks tell us that it is meant to drink from the jar!

Finish: More of the “smokey” notes have hints of subdued hot peppers.

And  distillery is called “Ole Smoky,” because of the Smoky Mountains that surrond the distillery, not due to any “smokey” flavors on it.

Ole Smoky Moonshines

Ole Smoky Moonshines include some flavored shines like Apple Pie and Blackberry


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