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While often brings you hosted Bourbon tastings in greater Palm Springs, California area, James Hills travels to Rancho Mirage to Pivat Cigar Lounge…

Pivat originally opened in 2018 but re-opened following an expansion in December of 2021. Today, you’ll find it tucked in the back of Agua Caliente‚Äôs Rancho Mirage resort casino in Greater Palm Springs area is one of the best cigar lounges that I’ve experienced in a long time. While there are many options today that offer comfortable, well-ventilated spaces where guests can enjoy a fine cigar, Bourbon whiskey, tequila, or some top-shelf cocktails.

What elevates Pivat Cigar Lounge to a different level is the inclusion of an education component hosted by Jiovanni, Pivat’s Cigar Sommelier.

Cigar Education

Jiovanni, the “Cigar Som,” did an excellent job at educating our group on what makes one cigar different from another, how to properly use various cutting tools, as well as various ways to light the cigar and ultimately how to properly smoke one. While we were part of a press group, this is an experience you can book for your group during a visit to Agua Caliente as well.

During our visit, I was part of a mixed group of guests from those who are experienced cigar aficionados to those who were complete novices. While some cigar lounges can seem to be an intimidating place for novices, this experience was completely different and due to the excellent ventilation and the opportunity for guests of all levels to enjoy.

Even if you’re simply visiting Pivat for one of their famous smoked cocktails while your friend enjoys a cigar, non-smokers will not need to worry about the overpowering odor of smoke that sometimes plagues other cigar lounges.
Here, there was a very pleasant aroma but after spending an hour with friends, my wife didn’t make any comments about the smell of my clothes so that says a lot about the quality of the ventilation here.

Cigar Lounge

Individual guests can visit for a cigar and relax in the plush leather chairs and enjoy a cocktail, whiskey, tequila, or other spirits.

There are also gaming tables open Thursday-Sunday from 6pm-2am and The Steakhouse menu is available from 5-10pm nightly.

Groups will also enjoy this space for a bachelor party, guys weekend, or another event.

There’s a “board room” style area that can be reserved for groups as well as a large outdoor patio area.

Everything at Pivat is premium quality and their walk-in humidor features more than 5,000 cigars across 52 different brands and 200 profiles.

Regulars can also secure a private locker in the humidor to store their favorite cigars.

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