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Congratulations to Breckenridge Bourbon as the winner of 2013! They were the only brand out of 64 to go all the way against some fierce competition.

Check out the complete final brackets below.

Thank YOU, the followers of and voters of BoozeBrackets for supporting the brands you love. We especially raise a toast to all brands who put the energy to rally their fans.

Just like basketball, many games were extremely close and were won in the final minutes.

We had this idea and executed it only days before the basketball tournament began. We were pleased to see it take off so quickly and became so much fun.

For any voters who experienced difficulty in voting: We apologize that our servers crashed several times due to hundreds of thousands of votes and site visits. As the games on became more intense, we were forced to install measures to ensure the stability of the whole server for all voters to continue participating while also maintaining fairness with measures to block voting “bots” and “scripts” from being used in this contest unfairly.

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