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Jim Beam Distillers Series Bourbon Review“The Distillers Series” celebrates more than 200 years of bourbon heritage and craftsmanship at Jim Beam.  For more details on the bourbon itself aside from this bourbon review by clicking here

Whiskey: Jim Beam Distillers Series Bourbon
Distillery: Jim Beam
Age: 7 Years Old
Proof: 90
Bottle: Original full bottle, clear with the 7 generations represented in bio and pictures  Opening it now.

Tasted in a Jim Beam designed lowball glass, first straight and then on a few rocks

Color: Rich amber

Nose: It has a peppery nose, mildly hot with alcohol and touches of burnt oak, vanilla and fraction of caramel corn.  Yes, not just caramel and corn, I did say caramel corn.

It tingles in the roof of the mouth more than most bourbons with a texture that diffuses slowly.  Hints of the original “white dog” are noticeable in the  dominant flavor in this whiskey with only a hint of vanilla or caramel sweetness in the taste.  Slightly acidic in the throat, but not terribly.

Finish: Delightfully dry, delicate but with a punch corn and that white dog flavor leaving you wanting more.   Disappearing to the back my tongue with traces of the aroma still holding out.

Notes: I can’t put this bourbon down.  One of the best I’ve ever filled the flask with, for the appropriate occasion.   Picture yourself at the end of the perfect Autumn night.  You are watching the campfire as the last burning embers die down, they fight to stay alive and keep you warm.  This bourbon will do the same.   Do not let the approachability of this bourbon make you believe that it is one isn’t worthy of praise.  It won’t be here for long, so stock up on Jim Beam Distillers Series and this 2008-2009 release.  Will there be more?  We will let you know on

Reviewed by: Tom Fischer


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