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Two Kentucky Flavors unite in this Kentucky cocktail recipe. Buffalo Trace Bourbon and Ale-8-One Soft Drink. Taste it with us in this video…

Kentucky Cocktail
Ale-8-One Kentucky's Favorite Soft Drink Bottle, Winchester, Kentucky

2 oz. Buffalo Trace Bourbon
1 bottle Ale-8-One

Pour Bourbon in rocks glass over ice. Fill with Ale-8-One soft drink and serve.

Optional – express with lemon.

Ale-8-One is pronounced “A Late One” and is a ginger ale type soda made is made Winchester, Kentucky.

Otherwise often known as “Kentucky’s Favorite Soft Drink,” it has been made since 1926 and is said to be the only soft drink invented in Kentucky still in existence.

If you can’t find Ale-8-One where you live, ginger ale is a good substitute.
Buffalo Trace Bourbon


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