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Bourbon whiskey will bring depth to your morning bowl of oatmeal.

In this video,‘s Tom Fischer shows how he makes his original creation of Bourbon Oatmeal.

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Bourbon Oatmeal Recipe

– Oatmeal (either instant or real and must be unflavored)
– Bourbon Whiskey
– Chocolate Chips
– Cinnamon Sugar


Chocolate OatmealMake Oatmeal in either the traditional fashion or microwave. At the end of the process while the oatmeal is still warm, add a 1 shot or 1.5 shots of Bourbon and incorporate. .

Top oatmeal with a few chocolate chips and allow to slowly melt atop.

Finish with a few dashes of cinnamon sugar to taste.

*While toppings can vary along with spirits, the goal is to put enough proof and flavor behind the oatmeal letting the characteristics of the whiskey speak as a warm backnote.
Try it with a liqueur and replace the chocolate with fruit.






Video filmed and edited by Timothy Paul Taylor 


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