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smashBasil Hayden’s Bourbon creates the ideal base for infusing cherries.  The process is simple.  Place 25 to 30 dried cherries into a glass container.  Pour approximately 5 ounces Basil Hayden’s Bourbon over the dried cherries.  Seal container.  Place in the refrigerator for at least 5 to 7 days before first use to allow the cherries to soak up as much bourbon as possible.

This renders a gorgeous cocktail that plays on the cherry tones of the Basil Hayden’s Bourbon while instilling a bit of fresh cherry flavor.  Cinnamon notes become subtly evident where they are scarcely noticeable when Basil Hayden’s Bourbon is sipped neat.

Hayden’s ‘Cheri’ Smash– created by The Intoxicologist
6 Fresh Cherries – pitted
1/2 ounce Basil Hayden’s Infused Cherry Syrup
3 ounces Basil Hayden’s Bourbon
1/2 teaspoon Bar Syrup
Squeeze of Lemon Peel over the top
3 Basil Hayden’s Infused Cherries Garnish

Muddle the cherries, bar syrup and infused cherry syrup in a cocktail shaker.  Pour in Basil Hayden’s.  Add ice.  Shake.  Strain over ice into a large rocks glass filled half with ice.  Zest a lemon peel over the drink and give it a gentle squeeze to get the essential oils out.  Garnish with skewer of Basil Hayden’s infused cherries

Recipe Courtesy:  The Intoxicologist: Hayden’s ‘Cheri’ Smash Original Link

Copyright 2009 Cheri Loughlin – The Intoxicologist – All Rights Reserved


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