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knob_creek_bourbon_thanks_for_nothingKnob Creek Bourbon broadcasted a free behind-the-scenes-look at the Super-Premium Bourbon live earlier today on and we are now awaiting the archived video to post here in case you missed it! Do check back in and read the rest of this blog and watch other video episodes and read more blogs here on  Knob Creek is the world’s number one Super-Premium Bourbon, a small batch Bourbon credited with starting the category, and right now, completely out of supply.   This interactive webcast revealed what makes Knob Creek so unique and popular that its supply has run dry until November of this year.

Knob Creek recently sent an empty bottle of Knob Creek along with these photos to the above and below, “Thanks for nothing” as part of a campaign to let us know how popular Knob has become. During the cast, The Knob Creek Whiskey Professors will answer questions from fans and delve into the unwavering commitment to nine-year aging of Knob Creek.

During the taped portions of the webcast, fans will hear from Fred Noe, Jim Beam’s great grandson and seventh-generation Beam family distiller, how a rock-solid commitment to nine-year aging, matched with stronger than forecasted demand, produced the current shortage of Knob Creek.  Noe will discuss how his father, the late Booker Noe, created the brand, and with it, the entire small batch Bourbon category.

The Whiskey Professors, known to Bourbon fans for their extensive understanding of the acclaimed spirit, will also address the intrinsic qualities of the brand, the reasons for the Knob Creek “drought,” as well as the anticipated date production will resume this fall.

Special thanks to Knob Creek and Qorvis for allowing us to carry this live feed.


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