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Elijah Craig 12 Year Old Bourbon by Heaven Hill Distilleries The Barnyard by Mixologist Stephen Dennison

Elijah Craig 12 year, I feel, is a bourbon that really expresses its cooperage. Reminding me of freshly-built barn, it inspired this drink. This is for the purists.


– 2 oz Elijah Craig 12 yr
– 5 drops Lagavulin, or another smokey Islay Scotch
– 2 spritz Barbera d’Alba, or other old-world wine


Place Elijah in a rocks glass. With an eyedropper, add 5 drops Lagavulin. Add 2 cubes ice and stir well. Pour this into a second rocks glass and spritz this with Barbera. Serve.

Without special equipment, one may prime the jigger by coating the inside with the scotch. The red wine can be used to also prime the second glass. This drink smells and tastes like a barnyard, without the animal musk!

Read the article Utilizing Brand Characteristics in Mixology by Stephen Dennison on this link

Stephen Dennison, Chef/ Mixologist of Z's Fusion Louisville, Kentucky

Stephen Dennison, Chef/ Mixologist in Louisville, Kentucky


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