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French Manhattan, Manhattan ExperienceFrench Manhattan by Eric Ecker

2 oz. Woodford Reserve Bourbon
1 oz. Chambord
Dash bitters
Fresh raspberries

Add the liquor and dash bitters and stir garnished with fresh skewered raspberries and finish with Chambord Caviar(chambord, raspberry puree, gelatin) activated to form small caviar like balls.

“A new twist on a tradtiional drink. With the addition of the fresh rasberries and Chambord caviar provide stunning sight appeal. The caviar sinks to the bottom giving the drink the perfect finish. The Chambord Caviar is easy to make and when stored in Chambord will hold for a week. This drink only looks labor intensive but is actually easy to produce in a fast paced environment.” – Eric Ecker
Eric entered this French Manhattan for competition in the Manhattan Experience and Craft the Ultimate Manhattan Contest in Seattle at Amber with Woodford Reserve and Esquire magazine, read more about it here.


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