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Marylin Monroe Manhattan2.5 Parts Woodford Reserve
1 part Navan Vanilla Cognac by Grand Marnier
.5 part Kina Lillet Blanc
2 Dashes Orange Bitters
1 Whole Vanilla Bean


Combine all ingredients minus vanilla bean. Stir in Ice and serve up. Cut vanilla into 2 parts and place into drink and enjoy!

“Marylin Monroe is one of the most notable blondes in history. The blonde colors eminent in the drink and the color white often associated with vanilla give it a blonde ora. Marilyn Monroe was also drinking Manhattans in the movie “Some like it hot.” When the Vanilla is cut into 2 and placed into the drink a blonde curl will rise from the bottom of the glass as well.” – Josh Holmes

Josh entered this Marylin Monroe Manhattan for competition during the Manhattan Experience and Craft the Ultimate Manhattan Contest in Seattle at Amber with Woodford Reserve and Esquire magazine, read more about it here.


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