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Sleepless in Manhattan Cocktail by Jason AsavadejkajornSleepless in Manhattan

1.5 oz Woodford Reserve Bourbon
2 Dashes Reagan’s Orange Bitters
Splash Tuaca Liquor
Splash Vya Sweet Vermouth
¼ oz Fresh Australian Blood Orange Juice (2 slices)
¼ oz Grand Marnier
½ oz Prosecco
Garnish with blood orange Infused Cointreau Pearls


Muddle 2 Slices of fresh Australian blood orange. Add Vya vermouth, Grand Marinier, Woodford Bourbon and Regan’s Orange Bitters, shake vigorously. Strain into chilled martini glass, top with prosecco and garnish with Blood Orange Infused Cointreau Pearls.

“A Manhattan is all about the balance of opposites, Bitter and Sweet, oak toast and fruit, refreshing and intriguing, masculine and feminine- and Woodford Bourbon embodies that balance. Each ingredient in the Sleepless in Manhattan heightens one of those aspects of Woodford and blends perfectly to keep you refreshed and moving inthe city that never sleeps” – Jason Asavadejkajorn

Jason entered this Sleepless in Manhattan for competition during the Manhattan Experience and Craft the Ultimate Manhattan Contest in Seattle at Amber with Woodford Reserve and Esquire magazine, read more about it here.


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