Four Roses Eggnog Recipe from Life Magazine

This classic Eggnog recipe originally ran in a Four Roses Life magazine advertisement in the 1930s, and the distillery still receives recipe requests for this one today. Four Roses Eggnog Recipe(from Life magazine ad, 1936) 1) Beat separately yolks and whites of 6 eggs. 2) Add 1/2 cup of sugar to yolks while beating. 3)… Read more »

Bourbon Balls Recipe with Old Pogue Bourbon

Cathy Pogue Burt’s Bourbon Balls Recipe 1 C. Old Pogue Master’s Select Bourbon 2 C. chopped pecans 1 3/4 Sticks Butter – softened 3 lbs. confectionery sugar – sifted 3 boxes semi-sweet baking chocolate 1 box unsweetened baking chocolate 1/8 bar paraffin Pour Old Pogue Bourbon over the chopped pecans and let sit at least… Read more »

Easy Oatmeal Bourbon Cookies With Maker’s Mark Recipe gives you an easy recipe for Oatmeal Bourbon Cookies and we invite you to join us for our special video tour of Maker’s Mark in the video below this recipe, and check our more bourbon recipes on Easy Oatmeal Bourbon Cookies 1 c. margarine, softened ½ c. packed brown sugar 1 egg ¼… Read more »

21c and Proof on Main for New Years Eve, Louisville Kentucky

Last year as the team rang in 2009 as we celebrated it at 21c and Proof on Main in Louisville, our video coverage from last year’s event below. Here is what is happening this year at 21c and Proof on Main… Beginning at 8pm, Chef Michael Paley will offer diners a special pre-fixe… Read more »

How the Small Batch Bourbons Are Made, video from 1993

This vintage Bourbon video below features the late Booker Noe and was produced in 1993 shortly after Jim Beam’s Small Batch Collection was introduced. The video explores the unique characteristics of each of the Bourbons and also explains how the Bourbons are made.  Our own Bourbon reviews each of the Bourbons including Basil Hayden’s, Booker’s,… Read more »

Basil Hayden’s Bourbon Review and Video of Fred Noe

Bourbon:Basil Hayden’s Distillery: Jim Beam Age: 8 years Proof: 80; approx 40% abv , Notes: Basil Hayden’s Bourbon dates back to 1796, when Master Distiller Basil Hayden Sr. created this recipe which contains twice as much rye as the other Small Batch Collection Bourbons. Color: Golden Amber Nose: Spicey rye, brown sugar Taste: For both… Read more »

Baker’s Bourbon Review

Bourbon: Baker’s Bourbon Distillery: Jim Beam Age: 7 years Proof: 107; approx 53.5% abv , Notes: Baker’s is made with a Beam family recipe preferred by Baker Beam, grand nephew of Jim Beam. It uses a strain of jug yeast for making Bourbons that been in the Beam family for over 50 years. Color: Tawny,… Read more »

Booker’s True Barrel Bourbon Review

Bourbon: Booker’s True Barrel Bourbon Distillery: Jim Beam Age: between 6 and 8 years Proof: varies by bottling.  Bottle we are reviewing is 130.1; approx 65.05% abv , Whiskey Professors told us this bottling is slightly higher than they have been previously. Notes: In 1988, Booker Noe introduced this first modern-day barrel proof Bourbon whiskey… Read more »

Locked in a Freezer Reviewing Beers

I’m locked in a freezer reviewing more beers that are perfect for winter!  Beer reviews of Sierra Nevada 2009 Harvest Wet Hop Ale, Dogfish Head Craft Brewery’s Theobroma, Rogue American Amber Ale, and St. Bernardus Tripel Belgian Abbey Ale in the video below. Watch the first two episodes of  the Beer Guy below Episode 1… Read more »