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Bottle of whiskeyBottles of whiskey etch memories into our lives.  Some of those marks go pretty deep the next morning.   But if you could have any phrase carved on a bottle of Woodford Reserve Bourbon, what would it be?  (Do answer that question by leaving a comment below)

Tonight, I joined a few friends from Brown-Forman and Olinger at Liquor Locker in Evansville who gave customers the opportunity to have bottles of whiskey personalized. An advanced machine from Versalaser burned a few words of customers choosing into whiskey bottles of Gentleman Jack, Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel and Woodford Reserve Bourbon Whiskey .  Yes, burned.  I did say “etch” and “carve” earlier and that was simply because I didn’t want you to immediately think about those burning memories.

This machine will be making it’s way to more liquor and spirits stores.  Whether or not it comes to your neighborhood, be on the lookout for ways to give a personal touch to any gift of bourbon, whiskey or spirits this holiday season.  I wonder what Santa would burn in your whiskey bottle for Christmas?  VersaLasersLiquor Locker Evansville Indiana
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