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American Honey Girls CalendarWild Turkey Bourbon unveils its inaugural American Honey 2010 calendar featuring American Honey Girls alongside bottles of American Honey. You can win one of these calendars from us on this link.  During the Kentucky Bourbon Festival, we had our first taste of the American Honey Girls bring to the world of Bourbon, just watch our video below and see what we mean as three American Honey Girls ride one bull together.

Now, back to that calendar. Wild Turkey tells us the calendar brings the personality of Wild Turkey American Honey liqueur to life. If you need further proof, yes I think you have already seen the photo alongside these words. In fact, why are you still reading this blog anyway? Maybe because you plan to watch the video below or you want a taste? In that case, the American Honey Calendar also featured inspired recipes, including Shot O’Honey, The Bee Sting, American Tea, and Lemon Honey (which are  below too).

“These American Honey models are fun-loving and energetic, approachable and exciting – just like Wild Turkey’s American Honey liqueur,” Andrea Conzonato, Chief Marketing Officer, Skyy Spirits tells

Actually, it is an exciting liqueur…we’ve enjoyed a lot at You can enjoy posters, signs and the calendars American Honey will have at participating on-premise and off-premise locations. The American Honey
models will also host special events and signings around the country.

In March of 2010, American Honey will launch a website where consumers can submit their own American Honey pictures. From those submitted, American Honey will choose 12 winners who will be professionally photographed and featured in the 2011 calendar.

Wild Turkey American Honey is a smooth liqueur blended with pure honey and real Wild Turkey Bourbon Whiskey; delicious served chilled straight from the freezer or over rocks.  Try these recipes below and check out the video below. joins the American Honey Girls and Wild Turkey Master Distiller Jimmy Russell for some Boots and Bourbon at the Kentucky Bourbon Festival 2009.

American Honey Recipes:

Shot O’Honey

One part American Honey
Zero parts anything else
Chill, serve, and enjoy!

The Bee Sting

One part American Honey
One part Wild Turkey

American Tea

One part American Honey
Three parts unsweetened Iced Tea

Lemon Honey

One part American Honey
Three parts Lemonade

Wild Turkey American Honey was named Best in Class at the World Whiskey Awards in 2008 and was also selected a 2008 Hot Prospect Brand by IMPACT Newsletter.


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