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Bourbon: Knob Creek
Distillery: Jim Beam
Age: 9 years
Proof: 100; 50% abv
Notes: Knob Creek is part of Jim Beam’s Small Batch Collection. Knob Creek became so popular in 2009 there was a reported “Knob Creek Drought,” which we covered in the video below this review.  The 9 years of age in a barrel charred to level four — the deepest char — gives Knob Creek it’s bold qualities.
Tasted in a lowball glass.
Color: Amber to copper.
Nose: Bold and candied charcoal.  Slightly sweet toasted nuts, and oak.
Taste: Deep and rich smokiness.  Some wood notes which become slightly fruity on the end notes.  At 100 proof, Jim Beam Master Distiller Fred Noe says this one is for those who are the “single malt enthusiasts.”  However, much more approachable that a single malt.
Finish: Long and rich.
Notes: Knob Creek Bourbon was inpspired by President Abraham Lincoln’s childhood home in Kentucky.


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