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Ever liked a Bourbon so much you wanted a barrel of it? takes you to Four Roses Bourbon facilities in Cox’s Creek, Kentucky where Master Distiller Jim Rutledge leads us through a Private Barrel Selection. Four Roses is the only bourbon distillery that combines five proprietary yeast strains with two separate mashbills to produce 10 distinct bourbon recipes. Watch which recipe is chosen and learn about their distinct differences in the video episode below.

Visit to learn more and to schedule your own Private Barrel Selection Program, e-mail [email protected] or call 502-839-3436

Special thanks to Master Distiller Jim Rutledge, Nick Clark, Jake Bilinski, Dan Gardner, Rick Jones, Ken Blum, Paul Willett, and Liquor World

The Ten Recipes are OBSV, OBSK, OBSQ, OBSW, OBSF, OESV, OESK , OESO, OESQ, OESF.  Learn more about the ten unique bourbon recipes of Four Roses on this link


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