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Proof on Main’s Jenni Pittman won 3rd Place for this Julep Down Under Recipe in the 2010 Four Roses Julep Contest. Here is the recipe…

Jenni Pittman, Proof on Main, 21c, Louisville Kentukcy

Jenni's Prep Table for her Four Roses Julep Down Under

Julep Down Under by Jenni Pittman, Proof on Main, 21c, Louisville, Kentucky


1.5 oz mango puree (combine flesh of 2 mango & 1/2 cup fresh brewed tea in blender, strain through fine mesh)
1 oz eucalyptus syrup (steep eucalyptus leaves, wrap in cheese cloth for easy removal, in 2 cups of almost boiling water for 10 min, add 3 tbl honey to sweeten)
2. oz Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon


Gently muddle several mint leaves, add eucalyptus syrup, add mango puree, stir with spoon, add 2 oz Four Roses small batch, crushed ice, garnish with generous slice of mango and bouquet of mint leaves.

Proof on Mains Jenni Pittman Serves Up Her Four Roses Juelp which won 3rd PlaceProof on Main’s Jenni Pittman Serves Up Her Four Roses Julep which won 3rd Place

Photography courtesy of Amy Grasberger


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