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firefly_t160Firefly Southern Grill receives an outstanding review from! Firefly specializes in Bourbon with a menu of Southern specialties and regional delights that have been perfected through the generations. Firefly regularly hosts Bourbon/wine/beer and other themed dinners. has covered many stories at Firefly Southern Grill including the video below. See below for Bourbon and American Whiskey List.
6636 Logan Drive
Evansville, IN 47715

Heaven Hill Master Distiller Craig Beam hosts an “Evening of American Whiskeys” at Firefly Southern Grill.

Fine American Bourbons and Whiskey List

Basil Hayden’s Hard-hitting with spice & wood aromas & caramel flavors $7.50

Bakers Elegant on the palate with flavors of vanilla & caramel & a clean finish $7.00

Bernheim Contains fifty-one percent winter wheat. Sweet nose, with subtle aromas of oak, honey & wheat. Warm finish $8.00

Blanton’s Spicy aroma of dried citrus and orange peel. Flavors of cloves, burnt sugar and caramel $7.50

Booker’s High alcohol spirit that is almost overpowering. Smoky, charcoal aroma with a long finish. A splash of water exposes sweet & woody flavors $7.00

Buffalo Trace Nutty & caramel nose, balanced corn, almond & hazelnut flavors $5.00

Bulleit Bourbon Frontier Whiskey Soft scents of violets, hay, spice & juniper. A little kick with some spicy peppers coming out. Finish is short and sweet $7.00

Eagle Rare Single Barrel 10 Years Old Deep amber color, sweet wood and toasted coconut aromas. Flavors of oak wood & caramel with a bit of an alcohol burn. Smooth, flavorful warming finish $8.00

Elijah Craig Single Barrel Aged 18 Years Tea colored with scent of coffee beans, vanilla, citrus & pineapple. Long, warm finish $8.50

Elmer T. Lee Single Barrel Sour Mash Honey & spice nose, nutty, caramel flavors $5.50

Evan Williams Single Barrel Aromas of caramel, corn & leather with a hint of nutmeg. Flavors of sweet corn & vanilla with oak wood and nutmeg spice. Spicy finish $8.00

Evan Williams (1783) 10 Years Old Aromas of corn, spice & ginger, a little vanilla & yeast. Flavors of caramel & spice with a little oak. Long and sweet finish $5.00

Ezra Brooks Vanilla & corn aroma with a subtle floral note. Slight alcohol burn in the mouth with a short sweet finish $7.00

Fighting Cock Aged 6 Years 103° Dark fruit & vanilla nose, rich corn flavors with high alcohol heat $5.00

Gentleman Jack Aromas of smoky wood & carmel. Notes of caramel apples & spice. Sweet finish $6.50

Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 Caramel & banana nose (Banana Foster’s?) with sweet fruit flavors $5.00

Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Wood, smoke & caramel corn on the nose, toasted oak, vanilla & caramel on the palate. Nice smooth and sweet finish $6.50

Jim Beam Great mixing bourbon. Perfect for Toddies, Manhattans or Juleps $4.50

Jefferson’s Very Small Batch A peach and butterscotch nose yields to flavors of vanilla and caramel, with hints of date, blackberry and orange $7.00

Jim Beam Black Vanilla & crème brulee nose. Smooth balanced taste with a moderately long finish $5.75

Kentucky Vintage Caramel & wood nose, with a background of corn & rye spice. Add in some leather & tobacco flavors. Short finish $5.50

Knob Creek Deep reddish orange, strong oak flavor with burnt caramel notes $6.50

Maker’s Mark Light amber color. Light on the palate with spice flavors. Oak & smoky aroma $6.50

Noah’s Mill Fruit, oak, & vanilla scents. Hot alcohol & wood taste $8.00

Old Forester 100 Cherry nose, smokey wood & cherry flavors. Long finish $5.50

Old Granddad 100 Strong bourbon aroma. Spice & sweetness from corn & rye$6.50

Old Overholt Rye Very subtle nose, no alcohol burn. Cinnamon & mint nose; long & sweet finish $6.00

Old Pogue Corn husk & floral scents. Flavors of caramel toffee & vanilla with a little corn and oak $8.00

Old Weller ‘Antique’ 107° Earthy soil & roses on the nose, soft on the palate, sweetish $5.00

Old Whiskey River (made for Willie Nelson) The environ-mentalists’ bourbon. Corn, barley & rye from family-owned farms within 100 miles of Bardstown, Kentucky. Byproducts are used to produce bio-diesel to run his tour bus. Sweet, smooth & mellow $5.00

Pappy Van Winkle 15 Years Old Scents of vanilla, leather, burnt brown sugar & oak. Caramel & vanilla sweetness with some warm spice. Nice finish $8.50

Platte Valley Since 1856 100% Straight Corn Whiskey Corn & yeasty nose, light corn flavors on palate with hints of vanilla.
short, clean finish $6.00

Prichard’s Double Barrel Bourbon Whiskey, Kelso, Tennessee Aged for 4 years, cut to bottle proof, then aged for 5 more in a new, charred oak barrel. Very smoky $8.00

Pure Kentucky XO Scents of corn, rye, leather, citrus & organic earthy aromas. Flavors of sweet buttered corn followed by black pepper $7.00

1792 Ridgemont Reserve Scents of oak, vanilla, caramel, & charred oak. Mild sweetness followed by a spicy rye with a clean finish $7.00

Rowan’s Creek 12 Years Old Scents of apricots & cherries, with caramel toffee & a hint of mint. Sweet & fruity taste with no alcohol burn $7.50

Wathen’s Scents of licorice, tobacco & very little alcohol. Rye spice with a dry finish $8.50

Wild Turkey 101° Sweet floral nose with some nutmeg, corn & caramel flavors with a dry

finish $5.50

Wild Turkey “Rare Breed” Rye fruitiness with warm spice notes. Balanced taste of sweetness & alcohol heat $6.00

Wild Turkey Russell’s Reserve 10 yr Complex nose of rye, leather, vanilla & flowers. Bit of corn sweetness, followed by alcohol bite & spice. Long assertive finish $7.00

Wild Turkey American Honey Liqueur Smooth, more honey to it than bourbon. Sweet and smooth $6.00

Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit Single Barrel Scents of caramel, honey & cinnamon. Flavors of candy caramel corn with a splash of spice (not woody). Nice finish $7.50

Woodford Reserve by Labrot & Graham Scents of ripe fruit, caramel & spice. Flavors of sweet caramel & oak, short & sweet finish $8.00

Fine American Bourbons and Whiskey Cont’d

Corner Creek Reserve $5.50

Elijah Craig 12yr old $7.00

Four Roses $6.00

Four Roses Single Barrel $9.00

Four Roses Small Batch $8.00

Hirsch Selection Small Batch $5.00

Hirsch Selection Corn Whiskey $5.00

Michter’s Small Batch $5.00

Michter’s Single Barrel Straight Rye $5.00

Michter’s Single Barrel 10yr old $11.00

Thomas H. Handy Sazerac Straight Rye $11.00

Ri $8.00

Rittenhouse Rye 100 proof $5.00

Rock Hill Farms Single Barrel $9.50

Russell Reserve Rye $7.00

*All prices, availability and information subject to change


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