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Junk Food CocktailsAs a Master Sommelier friend put it to me- ‘We are the Coke Generation.’ Inspired by this truth, we set to produce some recipes that appeal to people’s junk-food cravings. Sweet by definition, these should be taken at the end of the meal with (or as) dessert. We at hope you will enjoy these creations as much as we do!

Ice Cream Sandwich
Tastes remarkably close to the original

2 parts Kilo Kai Spiced Rum
1 part Tres Leches Cream Liqueur
Shaved Chocolate Garnish (or chocolate sauce rim or drizzle)

Glass: Cocktail

Place first two in a shaker. Shake until frost forms on the outside. Garnish as directed.

Snicks Bar Cordial being served at the home of Bill Samuels, Jr., President/CEO of Maker's Mark Bourbon

Snickers Bar Cordial being served at the home of Bill Samuels, Jr., President/CEO of Maker's Mark Bourbon

Snickers Bar Cordial
Fat-washing isn’t just for bacon. This Cordial was served at the home of Bill Samuels, Jr., Maker’s Mark Bourbon President/CEO

For the drink:

.7 L Maker’s Mark Bourbon (enjoy the rest responsibly!)
2 King Size Snicker’s Bars

Water to Fill

In a double boiler, melt the snicker’s bars as you would chocolate. Add this to the Maker’s Mark, in a non-reactive container. Cover. Place into freezer and allow to sit for 2 days. Lightly press through a fine sieve with a rubber spatula. Return to the bottle. Fill with water. Store in freezer. Shake well before use.

For the Crema:

1 part Dumante (or Frangelico)
5 parts Heavy Cream

Just prior to serving place both into a bowl and whisk aggressively, until a foam develops. Spoon this foam over the drink.

Glass: Cordial

Playfully Interactive, the more they stir, the fruitier it becomes

Frozen Fruit Pop Cooler

1 Frozen Fruit Bar of Choice (we got ours at a Latin grocery store)
1.25 oz Right Gin (chosen for its elegant expression of juniper)

Glass: Highball

Place gin in glass and stir with pop until the pop melts to the waterline. Gently use your (washed) fingers to push the pop down to the end of the stick. Serve with a giggle and wry smile.

Article written and cocktail recipe created by’s Beverage Consultant Chef/Mixologist Stephen Dennison.


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