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Dennis Rodman being interviewed by Host Tom Fischer

Dennis Rodman being interviewed by Host Tom Fischer joined Dennis Rodman as he was the DJ for a live set along with Vic Latino last night at the Frazier International History Museum in Louisville, Kentucky. This was one of the hottest Derby parties we have ever attended! We will be bringing you the video interview very shortly from this 2010 Kentucky Derby-Eve party.

Dennis tells us he isn’t much a fan of Bourbon, but he does enjoy “a little Vodka and Cranberry.” It’s ok Dennis, we are still your fan and thank you Dennis for being at the Kentucky Derby for the first time ever!

Special thanks to Kristy Buhr, GA Agency and Mike Willett. All photos by Jake Bilinski.

Kentucky Derby Party Dennis Rodman

Dennis Rodman greets the crowd as he arrives at Derby Pretty Party on Kentucky Derby Eve


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