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New York Whiskey Tuthilltown Spirits New YorkWhiskey: New York Whiskey
Distillery: Tuthilltown Spirits, Gardiner, New York
Proof: 46% ABV;  92 proof
Age: Aged under 4 years in American Oak
Notes: This is Tuthilltown’s version of sour mash, combining the best of every batch in a given week into a single mash. Each batch of New York Whiskey is a totally different and unrepeatable grain bill, this one is labeled “W , Wheat 2010.”
Color: Medium copper to amber
Some herbal and berries.
Taste: Sweet wheat with rich buttery flavor. Light berry and mild nuttiness with that signature Tuthilltown Spirits character.
Finish: Dry cherry.

Whiskey review by Tom Fischer


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