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Julep Ball Kentucky Derby
Gracious Hospitality and Gonzo Journalism at the Galt House

Kentucky Derby Eve and  half of the team at the Barnstable-Brown Gala on their way while and the other half split to cover the Julep Ball at the Galt House Ballroom. We couldn’t have been  more happy with the turnout and the vibrancy of the lobby full of celebrities and guests for the Julep Ball. The chatter of the filled room could have been heard from our companion event. Southern Wine and Spirits was a sponsor for hte night  including many brands like Maker’s Mark, Absolut and Tommy Bahama Rum.

A-class celebrities mingled with local virtuitae- a kaleidoscope of the social vanguard. As a writer, one doesn’t care about your latest project: tonight is the night- this was one for the ages!

There was a point in which your humble correspondent was called into service. “Avatar’s” Joel David Moore seriously desired the best mint julep he could have. Overhearing his misplaced dismay, Bourbonblog happily dropped disimpassioned reporting and adopted the edge of impassioned participant. Spectators enjoyed the deft proportion of Bourbon; enjoyed the flourish of hand-rolled mint; the hint of sugar; the partnership of two bartenders producing four cocktails. Truly, the Galt House was game to our silly little game of ‘appease the superstar.’

At the end of the day, true Louisville hospitality was served and these four celebs walked away with the understanding that Kentuckians bend over backwards for their guests. The local restaurant elders would be very, very happy!

The Julep Ball benefits James Graham Brown Cancer Center.

Article written’s Beverage Consultant Chef/Mixologist Stephen Dennison (the “humble correspondent” referenced in the article)


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