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Kevin Brauch Tales of the Cocktail

Kevin Brauch and Tom Fischer at The Plymouth Gin Bartender's Breakfast

Thirsty Traveler and Floor Reporter of Iron Chef America, Kevin Brauch joins‘s Tom Fischer at the Plymouth Gin Bartender’s Breakfast at the Tales of the Cocktail. Two men who are up for a breakfast which is composed of mainly cocktails! Video coming, stay tuned to

If a bartender has breakfast it’s usually when they get home from a shift and not when they wake up. This event is an homage to the lifestyle of bartenders.

For the 2010 Bartender’s Breakfast, there was a “Burial of the Bad Cocktail” including a funeral procession laying Sex on the Beach to rest.

Simon Ford, Aubrey Saunders, Tony Abou-Ganim and Contemporary Cocktails hosted this 3rd annual Plymouth Bartenders Breakfast.


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