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Maker's Mark 46 BourbonGlass, while appearing to be smooth and impermeable, has microscopic valleys that can be used to hold flavoring elements. Bartenders regularly use this concept, washing with Absinthe, Vermouth or other spirits. This technique holds smoke, affecting the nose of the cocktail.


¼ lb Smoking wood of choice, in a heat-resistant plate.
Brulee torch
Cocktail or Coupe Glass

Use torch to smoke wood. Invert glass over smoke, for 3-5 seconds. Glass storage lasts for 15 minutes at most.

In a tin:

2 oz. Maker’s 46
½ tsp Dumante Pistachio liqueur

Shake well. Strain into primed glass. Rim glass with cinnamon stick. Serve without the stick, au naturel.

For maximum effect, use only the cleanest ice one can find as a poor product will mask the flavor profile.
Recipe and article by‘s Mixologist and Beverage Consultant Stephen Dennison


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