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Stephen Dennison, Chef/ Mixologist for

Stephen Dennison, Chef/ Mixologist for

As a cocktailian and culinarian, one of the greatest challenges one can face is to be ‘Iron Cheffed.’ To produce a collection of dishes that include alcohol in their preparation, without prior knowledge of the specific ingredients is a test of one’s understanding of the particular subject. Add to this the impetus that the recipes should be easy to recreate for anyone and this test certainly can make one’s head spin.

This was the challenge, recently and we had fun producing a six-course meal for our ‘kith-and-kin’ (a Kentuckianism for ‘friends and family.’) The evening began at 8:30 and didn’t end until 4 in the morning. Personally, I will remember this meal for the rest of my life- not for the work, but for the pleasure. The sweat truly paled in comparison to the laughing camaraderie of people who I love.

Enjoy all the recipes I created  linked individuallybelow.

White Dog Martini

Bourbon Escargot

To Build a Vinaigrette

Aquavit Baby Artichokes

Bourbon Sugar Bruleed Wild Salmon

Campari Berries
Article written and all recipes created by Chef/Mixologist Stephen Dennison


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