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Vikingfjord VodkaThis recipe is a raw utilization of a spirit. The rhubarb infusion is unexpected in that is doesn’t drink sour, like the raw product tastes. Instead, like a gin, it has a vegetal profile. Go figure. Here we build a vinaigrette, so you will not see exact proportions, instead I will explain the concepts behind designing a dressing/marinade that you can truly call your own.

For the infusion:

1.5 L Vodka (we use Vikingfjord Vodka) with 0.2 of 1.0 of the bottle emptied and replaced with

2 large rhubarb stalks, cut into batons

1/1 simple syrup, to fill

Let steep for at least 3 days. Enjoy.

For the vinaigrette:

Rhubarb Infusion
Salt and Pepper
EV Olive Oil

The trick to building a great emulsion is this: build your spices and acids first. Then you incorporate the olive oil by whisking this liquid while drizzling in the oil, just a bit at a time. You can see the emulsion come together. Keep lots of spoons nearby, because you have to taste the product as it is built. The trick is to come in soft on any of the elements, because you can always add more but you can’t take it away. Close your eyes. Not enough acid? Add more lemon. Lacking body? More oil. No alcohol prevalence? Add a skosh. When done, marinate buffalo mozzarella and tomatoes in the vinaigrette, for 2-4 hours. Garnish with whole basil leaf as is tradition.


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