A Kentucky Hot Brown, pizza and a shot of Bourbon all in one! Four Roses Bourbon tells BourbonBlog.com that they have teamed up with Impellizzeri’s Pizza of Louisville, Kentucky in celebration of National Bourbon Heritage Month to create a unique pizza recipe combining two of Kentucky’s finest offerings – Bourbon and the classic Louisville dish,… Read more »

On Leaf and Barrel: Maker’s 46 and Chisum Filtered Cigar Pairing

This is a tale of unexpected dichotomy in both distilling technique and pairing expectations. The subject matter spirit geeks find a childish pleasure in, along with a video series to compliment this pairing of Maker’s 46 and the Chisum Filtered Cigar. My story begins with the standard whisky tasting. I find it helpful to forget… Read more »

Wild Turkey Cocktails Celebrating National Bourbon Heritage Month

September is National Bourbon Heritage Month, which means you have an even better reason to celebrate Bourbon for an entire month. At BourbonBlog.com, we do it every month and we encourage you to as well. Wild Turkey tells us that have put a unique take on three of the most iconic whiskey cocktails–the Manhattan, the… Read more »

Basil Hayden’s End Zone

At BourbonBlog.com, we’ve found a way to get ready for football season tailgating party that includes both Bourbon and beer. Remember our own Beer, Bourbon and BBQ cocktail creation? Once again, two of those B’s make a good team.Entering the field is another “B”-  Basil Hayden. The sweet tartness of frozen lemonade and the spicy, warming… Read more »