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Enter a Bourbon that would not fire. Did Donald Trump hire Basil Hayden’s through product placement or simply excellent taste? Either way, we were happy to see Basil Hayden’s Bourbon in the recent episode 7 of The Apprentice behind Apprentice Candidate Brandy Kuentzel to the right of her head, see below. What also appears to the left of Basil Hayden’s seems to be a bottle case for Laphroaig Scotch Whisky. In this episode, we noticed the cameras panned back to this shot several times, including the shot with both Apprentice Candidates Brandy Kuentzel and Poppy Carlig also below.

The Apprentice Brandy Kuentzel

The Apprentice Candidates Brandy Kuentzel (left) and Poppy Carlig (right)

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