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Van Gogh Coconut Vodka Review and Cocktails is a fan of all the Van Gogh Vodka collection and we particularly like the Van Gogh Coconut Vodka.

Vodka: Van Gogh Coconut Vodka
Distillery: Royal Dirkzwager Distillery, Schiedam, Holland
Proof: 70; approximately 35% ABV
Notes: Van Gogh Coconut Vodka is hand-crafted in small batches through a unique double infusion method, using only natural ingredients and premium grain alcohol.
: Frangrant nuttiness and coconut.
Taste: It is definitely Coconut and then some. But not in the Pina Colada “over the top” weetness that you get in some spirits. The flavor is refined and begins with a subtle juiciness and then becomes a bit more like a slice of Coconut Creme Pie with its own unique creaminess and rounded nut overtone. It is not overly sweet, they’ve done it just right!
Finish: Silky, light yet coating to the mouthfeel

And now for some Van Gogh Vodka Cocktails that you can make with the Van Gogh Coconut Vodka

Vodka Colada

1 oz Van Gogh Coconut
1 oz Van Gogh Pineapple
Fill with Pineapple Juice
Garnish with pineapple, serve over ice

Cool Breeze

2½ Van Vogh Coconut
½ oz orange juice
½ oz cranberry juice

Fuzzy Coconut

2 oz Van Gogh Coconut
1 oz peach schnapps
Splash of cranberry juice


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