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Raj Peter Bhakta Whistlepig Rye

This week‘s Matt Capucilli was privileged to attend the WhistlePig Rye release party at The Royalton Hotel in midtown Manhattan….

If you haven’t discovered the appeal of mixology’s comeback, it’s time to get on board.

Smiling past three flapper-dressed ladies commanding piglets on leashes, I made my way towards the bartenders. A man in a snappy suit handed me a custom mini-menu, and I gestured at the signature Manhattan. It was exceptional. A classic taste with the extra spice of rye… it simply reminded me of not working.

My second drink was straight WhistlePig Rye on the rocks. A lovely drink, full-bodied, flavorful, and very aromatic. I spoke to Raj Bhakta, their owner and founder, about his production in Vermont and about the idea behind WistlepPig. He had a lot to say but I recall one word — “fun”. You may remember that Raj Peter Bhakta was a former candidate on The Apprentice.

We all left the penthouse and headed downstairs to the main event where a full band played delectable 1920’s brass-laden tunes. The band’s female bassist was a real treat, as were the handful of swing-dancing couples.

I only had time to stay for a few numbers, but it was great to be a part of that vibrant energy. It made me think of the ripe success of the 1920’s, when fashion was extravagant, music was joyous, and people were full of wealth. WhistlePig Rye is taking advantage of (and enhancing) the idea of a connection between that era and today. Can’t we drink a wonderful Rye, be successful, have fun, and without an ounce of snobbery? WhistlePig says “go for it”.

Article by Matt Capucilli, New York Correspondent and photos by Carter Berg.

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