Four Roses Distillery of Lawrenceburg, Kentucky tells that Whisky Magazine has named them Whisky Distiller of the Year last week as part of the annual “Icons of Whisky – America” Awards “designed to celebrate the people and places behind the greatest whiskies in the world.” “This is an overwhelming honor that caps off the… Read more »

Buffalo Trace Distillery’s Antique Collection 2010 Release

Buffalo Trace Distillery tells that they have released their 2010 Antique Collection. The anticipated annual collection will once again feature five limited-release whiskeys of various ages, recipes and proofs. We will review the collection in the days to come on and here is what fans can expect from the tasting notes: Sazerac Rye… Read more »

Angel’s Envy Bourbon Review‘s review of the new Angel’s Envy Bourbon after the much anticipated 10.10.10 release called the “Expression 10/10.” We are impressed with this new Bourbon as it had an incomparable smoothness and unique character. This expression is distilled three times and aged a minimum of four years in a new, charred white oak barrel and… Read more »