Posted by‘s Tom Fischer interviews Mahesh Patel, Founder Sirius, Intrepid Whisky Purveyors, about his passion for whisky which has led to his new collection of rare whiskies from around the world. The first series of Sirius will be released in very limited supply this summer. As a renowned whisky collector, Mahesh spent this past year honing in on 300 casks to find great examples of rare whiskies which were misunderstood and ignored by many.

After many blind cask assessments, Mahesh chose four whiskies are being released under his Sirius label this summer:  North British 1962,  Fettercairn 1966, The Dalmore 1967, and Carsebridge 1965.

During the Nth Show 2011 in Las Vegas, Tom and Mahesh taste the The Dalmore 1967 and Carsebridge 1965. Here are our reviews below…visit for more information on how to obtain these rare gems.

Sirius, Carsebridge 1965 Review

1965 Carsebridge Distillery Sirius WhiskyWhisky: Sirius, Carsebridge 1965

Distillery: Carsebridge Distillery, Alloa, Scotland

Age: Approximately 46 years old

Notes:Cask Number 175580. This whisky is still alive sitting in the cask awaiting to be bottled in Scotland. Sadly, the Carsebridge Distillery no longer exists and was actually demolished. They tell us that there is now a parking garage in its place.

Proof: 82 Proof, 41% ABV, cask strength

Color: Deep Golden Rust

Nose: Orange marmalade, citrus and honey

Taste: With a mellow entry, the flavors open up to a vibrant swim in the mouth, almost near tropical. Soft mouthfeel, but deep complexities with a top layer of orange followed lovely honey, pastries and explosions of citrus.

One of the greatest examples we’ve ever witnessed of the depth and boldness of a lighter whisky.

Finish: Delicate and crisp

Sirius, The Dalmore 1967 Review

1967 The Dalmore Sirius WhiskyWhisky: Sirius, The Dalmore 1967

Distillery: Dalmore Distillery, Ross-shire, Scotland

Age: 44 years old

Notes:Cask Number 2055, cask strength

Proof: 120 Proof, 60% ABV

Color: Chocolate

Nose: Citrus and Chocolate

Taste:Dark Belgian chocolates with praline nuttiness.. Luscious coffee notes, some orange and citrus undertones. Powerfully rich mouth full of heaven.

Finish: Lingering



Filmed by Annabelle Ismail and edited by Gary Woloszyn

Special thanks to Laura Baddish



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