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Royal Wedding Cocktails and DrinksAs Prince William of Wales and Kate Middleton are married in the Royal Wedding, challenges YOU to a Royal Wedding Cocktail Competition with a winning prize package from Tupperware valued at $300!*

How “royal” is your new cocktail creation? Only a few rules for you to follow as the contest starts now, Thursday, April 28th at 4 pm EST and goes a until Tuesday May 3rd as they’ll still be talk of that Royal Wedding.

The Rules** are simple, create a new cocktail recipe using at least one Drambuie OR  William & Grants and Sons spirit (including ONLY Tuthilltown Spirits Collection including Hudson Whiskeys and Bourbons; Hendrick’s Gin; Milagro Tequila; Tullamore Dew; Reyka Vodka; and Sailor Jerry Rum) name it, photograph it if possible, send us all that your details to [email protected]***, and you will be entered for a Tupperware Prize Package.

To inspire you, here is one example of Royal Wedding cocktail called The Drambuie English Rose Cocktail, created in honor of Kate Middleton and named for the key ingredient, rosewater. Yours can be completely different, this is just a taste of what can be done.

The featured liqueur is of course Drambuie, which as you may know a historical Scottish liqueur named the legendary Bonnie Prince Charlie.

Prince William Mountbatten-Windsor (yes, that is his surname/last name) and Kate Middleton met and were educated at St. Andrew’s University in Scotland, the same country where Drambuie was formed for the royals several centuries ago.

English Rose Drambuie Bottle Recipe

The Drambuie English Rose Cocktail

In a Champagne flute, add:
1 Sugar Cube
3 drops Orange Bitters
Slowly top with:
4 oz. chilled Blanc de Noirs Champagne
Splash Campari
3 drops Rosewater
Garnish with a thinly-sliced strawberry fanned and floated on top.

What you’lltaste…

-The color is a beautiful pale rose.
-The aroma is outstanding.
-The balance between the Drambuie and the Champagne is echoed by the interplay of the bitters/Campari and the sugar.





-Quick Chef (manual food processor)
-Whip N Prep (non electric mixer)
-Lemon Lime Press
-Wine Opener
-Tupperware stuffable containers (assortment) last minute goodies (such as a pot or herb storage container TBD depending availability)


-Lemon Lime Press
-Wine Opener
-Assortment of containers

** Official Rules on this Link

***Include your full name, phone number, email address and postal mailing address.


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