Posted by joins Four Roses Bourbon for their annual Rose Julep contest kicking off some Kentucky Derby 137 fun!

Rory McCollister won first prize, all other contestants and their placing listed below.

This was the fourth year in a row for a Varanese bartender to win the competition, and McCollister’s third consecutive win. Many of the winning cocktail recipes will be coming, here is the first prize winner below..

Triple Crown Rose Julep Recipe

Triple Crown Mint Julep Recipe Four Roses Bourbon Cocktail Winner1.5 oz. Four Roses Single Barrel
1.5 oz. rootbeer simple syrup*
mint leaves

– In collins glass combine bourbon, simple and mint leaves and muddle to release mint oils.
– Add ice, transfer to mixing tin and shake. Then top with splash rootbeer and 1 oz. gingerale.
– Shake litely and transfer back to glass. garnish with fresh mint.

Serve with a Chocolate Cigar** with Mint Powder ashes*** as shown in photo


– Boil boar bones in rootbeer on low heat until liquid has reduced by half.
– Remove from heat strain liquid allow to cool and then strain again removing all solids.
– Add equal amount of sugar to liguid, and boil low heat to dissolve.


springroll shells

– lay out springrool sheet flat. Layeron chocolate and caramel.
– Roll as if it were a cigar.
– Deep fry until golden brown and then trim ends


Thin mint cookies or mint Oreos

-Combine 10cookies and 2 tbs Maltodextrin in Robocoupe.
– Blend until in looks dry or fat is absorbed

Our thanks to all of the contestants for entering some amazing Rose Juleps!

Varanese -Rory McCollister (1st place)
Lilly’s – Brad Jennings (2nd place)
Martini’s Italian Bistro – Gary Gruver (3rd place)
Limestone – Emily Hornback (4th place)
Asiatique – Jeromy Edwards
The Blind Pig – Jeremy Johnson
Doc Crow’s – Jacquelyn Pobst
Eddie Merlot’s – Joe Riggs
Flanagan’s – Hunter Ferguson
Jeff Ruby’s – Dan Beam
KT’s – Tony Barrett
Maker’s Mark Lounge – Madison Dickman
O’Shea’s Irish Pub – Mytch Law
The Village Anchor – Kyle Table


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