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Wild Turkey 81 Bourbon brings you the first Wild Turkey 81 review. This new Bourbon made with a blend six, seven,and eight-year-old Bourbons is the first whiskey solely crafted by Wild Turkey Associate Distiller Eddie Russell. Wild Turkey 81 Bourbon was developed largely for mixology to be a truly “mixable spirit” to delivers Wild Turkey’s famous kick.

So far, we have mixed it in a classic Manhattan and an Old-Fashioned. The flavor stands up delivering a fairly bold, buttery and refined flavor. This Bourbon also makes a good sipper for the value at a price of $19.99 (MSRP) a bottle, here is our review..

Wild Turkey 81 Review

Bourbon: Wild Turkey 81

Distillery: Wild Turkey Distillery, Lawrenceburg, Kentucky

Age: Blend six, seven,and eight-year-old Bourbon.

Proof: 81 Proof, 40.5% ABV

Color: Medium amber

Nose: An oak coated vanilla with has some detectable age, soft corn and hints of rye.

Taste: The entry is mellow and somewhat soft yet it has a vibrant and rounded complexity. Flavors open up in mid-palette and become more intense with the oak and char toward the finish. Nice blend of caramel, honey, vanilla and oak. The DNA of Wild Turkey’s high-rye mash is evident, but less pronounced than most Wild Turkey Bourbons.

In some small ways, the flavor has a few of the spicier elements of the acclaimed Wild Turkey Tradition. For 81 proof, Wild Turkey 81 delivers more punch than most of the standard competition that weigh in at 80 proof. This seems to be the reason why it was created partly for the mixology wanting that real Bourbon flavor but without the proof that would completely “knock out” the rest of the spirits used in the cocktail.

The signature hallmark of a Wild Turkey Bourbon exists subtlety in a way that has never been expressed in Russell’s Reserve, Rare Breed or any other Wild Turkey Bourbons. Eddie, well done!

Finish: Opens up on the finish to heavier oak and the char #4 with hints of cinnamon candies.

Wild  Turkey 81 Review

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