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Russian Standard Vodka ReviewOur review of Russian Standard Original Vodka below and watch interview Dennis Rodman at a Russian Standard Vodka party, he seems to like it.

Vodka: Russian Standard Original Vodka
Distillery: Russian Standard Distillery, St. Petersburg, Russia
Proof: 80; approximately 40% ABV
Notes: The bottle design is nspired by the Ivan the Great Bell Tower in the heart of Moscow.
Color: Clear
Nose: Restrained wheat
Taste: Drinks rounded, grain character comes through on the middle of the tongue. Little burn on the tongue and nose.
Finish: Clean moderate length.

Overall, for the price point this Vodka is excellent for mixing a premium cocktail at a call price. Makes a great Vodka Tonic and Bloody Mary.

Review by‘s Tom Fischer and Mixologist/Chef Stephen Dennison


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